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Media Visit to Doordarshan

IMS UC organized a visit to Doordarshan for BJMC 3rd year students on Friday 25-08-2017. Students participated in the programme "CHARCHA ME" which was organized by the Doordarshan on the topic "TEEN TALAQ". The special guests were invited to discuss how they fought for Muslim women's and victims of "TEEN TALAQ" . They are the real heroes because they fought for their right and from now onwards "TEEN TALAQ" is unconstitutional.
The victims were continuously sharing their condition after "teen talaq" happened to them, even some of them don't have their own house to live. BJMC students asked several questions and put their points. The advocate, who was the advocate of Shah Bano petition, told that until people themselves will not raise their thinking, nothing will be changed. They taught us that live life but don't spoil life. Students learn how to produce a talk show based on hard news and also the working structure of production department. Overall students observe or manipulate real objects or materials or they witness a demonstration. Practical work can motivate, by stimulating interest and enjoyment journalistic skills it enhance the learning of journalism and mass communication.