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Alumni Achievements

Full Name : Akash Gupta

Artist Name : Celebrity Robot

Birth Place : Hardoi

Educational Qualifications : Bachelors in Business Management (BBA) from IMS Ghaziabad & Currently pursuing PGDM from IMS lal Quan.

Skills : Rapper, Song Writer, Music Producer

Accolades : 4 full length music albums, Music published on various reputed blogs and featured on major online stores worldwide including i-tunes.

Ideology for life : If you have an aim in your life, You should not leave any stone unturned. There will be people who would not believe in those dreams. But eventually it is your judgment which matters the most. You need to give them people a chance to believe in you & show them that you stood for the right thing. Make it happen not though words but through actions.

When I began my career in music, the road wasn't easy. As being an artist is not al all an easy thing, especially in India. I don't have any mentor so I become one on my own. I had a vision, the vision was to bring the best possible modern music to the Indian music scene. Thus after 6 years, I am a satisfied professional musician doing what I have always wanted to do and also making ends meet. There have been a lot of ups & downs, they are there still are but all this only inspires me all the more towards achieving my main target.

I have always believed that "Sometimes some people move us to do great things in life and then they move on, But those great things remain there to help us learn".