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Bio Sciences

Highly qualified, Well Experienced & Competent research oriented faculty, motivating and creating an environment for students to develop their skills and strengthen their knowledge. The strength of IMS Group lies in its choice of faculty members, all of whom have vast experience in addition to enviable academic qualifications; faculty members are into research which helps them in creating knowledge and delivering the same to students. This makes the institution academically vibrant.

Dr. Arti mehrotra
Ph.D., M.Sc. ,B.Sc.(PCB)

Dr. Surabhi Johari
PhD(BT), M.Tech(BT)

Dr. Garima Chauhan
PhD(MB), M.Sc.(MB)

Dr. Manish Kumar Sharma
Ph.D, M.Sc.(Tumor Biology)

Dr. Rakesh Kant Kamal
Ph.D , M.Sc.

Dr. Swati Pawar
Ph.D, M.Sc.(Chemistry)

Dr. Kamal Kumar Chaudhary
Ph.D, M.Tech