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Big Ideas club

We believe in a world where the generation and discussion of new great ideas is a right and not a privilege. We believe in the infusion of these ideas into businesses and cultures to bring positive impact to the world.
Our Mission
We will crowd source ideas, discover solutions, and share knowledge. Our mission is three-fold:
INSPIRE: Inspire and infuse creativity and discussion of new ideas amongst the students and by the students.
SPREAD: Facilitate the spread and engagement of new ideas through discussions, competitions, crowd sourcing, and events
CHANGE: Implement changes to business and cultures based on new ideas discussed.
We focus on the following key areas: Social Change, Education, Sciences, Financials, Technology, Psychology, Arts, and Politics.

Events / Activities organized
Event / Activity
About Event
Start - Up Conclave 2019 16-02-2019 All Courses With a strong sense of purpose and the intent to influence the startup climate, cultivate the spark of entrepreneurial values among young minds who will be leading the path to New India, Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) - Management Department organised "Start Up Conclave 2019" to create a platform for young entrepreneurs who are striving to become a disruptive force and contribute to the development of the people and society. read more...
Trashion 28 April 2017 All programs Students had to prepare something out of TRASH and then they had to walk with their article
Think out of the box 15 Nov 2016 All Programs Creative room to express What they feel.
Talk over debate competition 9 Aug 2016 All Programs The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply Unparallel.

Faculty / Student Coordinators
Faculty Co-ordinator:Dr. Geeti Sharma
Prof. Shenki Tyagi
PresidentMr. Deepanshu Singh
Vice President Ms. Payal Bhatnagar
Secretary Ms. Vidhi
Joint Secretary Ms. Yachna Sharma
Members Mr.Harsh Mundra
Mr. Pragun Garg
Ms. Mahima Tyagi
Mr. Anish
Ms. Vanshika Singh
Ms. Ayushi
Mr. Priyesh
Mr. Swapnil
Ms.Shreya Garg
Ms. Rashi Rajput