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What is SnapChat?


Snapchat is an Android and iOS mobile app used to share photos, videos, text and graphics. Snapchat is owned by one of the founders, Evan Spiegal. It has become very popular in the short term, especially among young people. One of the main ideas of the app is that any photo or video or message you send automatically is made available to the recipient shortly before it is accessible which is called Snap. This impermanent nature of the app was originally designed to encourage a more natural flow of interaction.

The platform also offers Chat function, similar to instant messaging services like WhatsApp. The big difference, however, is that, as in Snaps, conversations disappear once they are viewed. The platform also offers Chat function, similar to instant messaging services like WhatsApp. The big difference, however, is that, as in Snaps, conversations disappear once they are viewed.

However, the whole point of Snapchat is that whatever is posted soon disappears.

How to SnapChat Login?

Here are some easy steps you can follow to snapchat login:

  • First of all, you have to open the “Snapchat” app or website.
  • If you don't have the app you can download it from Playstore, Google App Store
  • Now tap on the "Log in" button on the page.
  • Type your Username or Email in the first field of the Login form
  • Type your password you used while signing up for SnapChat

If you followed all the easy steps above, you'll be able to access your SnapChat account on your computer or mobile whenever you want.

How does Snapchat works?

Snapchat is a messaging app that allow users to share content, such as photos, text and videos which commonly called Snaps. Snaps only appear for a matter of seconds before disappearing from user's screen.

Once you have downloaded Snapchat from the App Store or Google Play, you need to register using your email address. It will need your name, date of birth, and phone number. You also need to choose a username and password. Without saying a word, you can not change your Snapchat username. Your Snapchat username is set when you first create your Snapchat account. You also can not transfer account data, Memories, or Snapstreaks from one username to another.

Snapchat needs access to your camera in order to be able to take photos or videos. You can switch between your front and rear camera using the icon at the top right. Press the button at the bottom of your screen to take a picture or hold it to take a video. The sender can set a time limit or let it continue continuously. When the recipient sees your Snap and walks away from it, it disappears.

You may choose to send a ‘snap’ at once to your friends, or you can post it for your ‘story’ in order that it can be considered by using all of your contacts.

Your contacts are capable of view this for 24 hours before it is deleted out of your account.

What are Snapstreaks?


Snapstreak make Snapchat much more fun to use. Once you start getting the line, you won’t want to stop! For example, if you sent a snapshot to a friend every five days and he responded by hitting you with one of these five days, your snapstreak could count to five.

When you entire five days, you may see a hearth emoji. Whilst you entire a hundred days, you'll see the a hundred emoji. There additionally a fabled mountain emoji for noticeably long streaks, however nobody is definitely sure if it exists. Ultimately, there may be an hourglass emoji which you will see if your streak is about to end.

Snapchat will notify you when one of your Snapstreaks is ready to give up by means of putting an hourglass emoji via that friend’s name. And if one of your Snapstreaks runs out, but you know that you and your friend are hitting each other within a 24-hour window, you can report an error on Snapchat.

Hour glass emoji is a few of the sort of distinct emoji to be had on snapchat and if this icon is visible it manner your snap is set to quit as your timer reaches to the 20th hour of final change of snap with your friend and you've got still 4 hours left to ship the snap to eliminate the hour glass emoji.

You may think it is ridiculous for outdated Snapstreaks to shock the user so much that Spapchat needs a customer support team on this issue. However, for some teenagers, the emoji of a fire next to someone's name is a very important sign of friendship.

What are the Friends Emojis?

Now what’s so different about Snapchat emoji? Snapchat emojis are actually like a tracking tool. They track activity between you and your friends on Snapchat. The main factor is, you don’t simply use them in text. Elements like frequency of sending snaps, the length of time for that you have been friends at the platform, and patterns of your interactions affect which emojis appear. You could study them to recognize your relationships together with your Snapchat pals.

Best friends are always amazing whether they are social media friends or real life ones. Snapchat gives importance to your friendship as there are at most 8 best friends in your snapchat which are set automatically with the algorithm of snapchat. The more you send or receive snaps mutually the more you are likely to have them in your best friend list.

There’s always someone on top of your priority list and yes Snapchat also cares about your priority. For this purpose snapchat have different emojis For number #1 best friend.

Yellow heart 💛 (When Both person have same Number #1 best friend) Red Heart ❤️ ( Same #1 best friend for at least 2 weeks) Pink heart 💕 ( Friendship is getting intense , after 2 months of same best friend)

These features are not only attractive but a best gesture to make your social friendship valuable.

  • 👶 Baby — You just became companions with this individual.
  • 😎 Face With Sunglasses —One of your closest companions is perhaps the closest companion. This implies that you send a ton of snaps to somebody that they additionally send a great deal of snaps to.
  • 😬 Grimacing Face —Your #1 closest companion is their #1 closest companion. You send the most snaps to the very individual that they do. Abnormal.
  • 😏 Smirking Face —You are perhaps the closest companion… however they are not a closest companion of yours. You don't send them numerous snaps, yet they send you a great deal of snaps.
  • 😊 Smiling Face —Another closest companion of yours. You send this individual a great deal of snaps. Not your #1 closest companion, but rather they are up there.
  • 🔥 Fire —You are on a Snapstreak! You have snapped this individual consistently, and they have snapped you back. Increments with number of continuous days.
  • 💯 Hundred — 100 Day Snapstreak. The 100 emoticon shows up close to the fire when you snap to and fro with somebody for 100 days straight.
  • ⌛ Hourglass — Your Snapstreak is going to end. Rapidly send another snap to keep it alive.
  • 🎂 Birthday Cake — This companion has a birthday today. Possibly shows if companion hosts the Birthday Get-together feature enabled in settings.

What If you lost your Snapstreak?

You are logging into Snapchat. You see that tremendous hearth image next to the name of your best friend's name. The quantity is growing every day. You enjoy your best Snapstreak. You've got come to be a Snapchat master!

Then the worst issue that would likely appear takes place. Unexpectedly, you have lost your Snapchat Streak. Your existence is ruined. But don't panic! We'll show you how to get your Snapchat Streak back.

How to Report and get back the Snapstreak?

Go to Snapchat Support. You will see a list of potential problems; click on My Snapstreaks disappeared. A touch form will load underneath information about Streaks. This may need basic data concerning your account (username, email address, cell number, and device) and information about Streak.

Similarly, if you know the exact day you lost your Streak, that data is useful. Anyway, at least you didn't go down without explaining yourself first.

Be honest. Tell Snapchat if the app can't load, Snap won't just post, or if your internet connection fails. Send your request and await a reply. That is, when a company replies; every now and then, the reps don't hassle.


Why Snapchat is not replying to my Report?

The social network will not restore your Streak if it has already slowed down naturally. It doesn't matter if you have been nearing one thousand days. If a person forgot, it truly is on your very own heads. Yes you can lie and say some thing went incorrect with the app.

But we do not advise that it's whether or not your moral sense can handle this kind of lie. Perhaps the support doesn’t think you deserve enough. In this case, you will need to start new Streaks. It’s also a good idea, to brush up on the standard Snapchat principles to become an expert.

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