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Retailing and supermarkets have become an integral part of modern commercial activities. With their help, people can c0ollect all of their groceries and other necessities in one go. Around the globe, one can find numerous small supermarkets, hypermarkets, and their chains. Most of these entities are usually located in large cities. And although these markets can be found anywhere in the world, there are very few that are recognized globally. Among well-known markets, one name worth mentioning is Walmart.

Walmart is the name of a multinational retail corporation located in the U.S. This brand runs vast chains of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and departmental stores. In 2020, Forbes Global 500 declared Walmart as the world's largest company by revenue, with a whopping amount of 548.743 billion U.S. dollars. Walmart also holds the title f being the world’s largest employer, with 2.2 million employees working under its flag.



The early history of Walmart begins from 1945, when a former employee of an American departmental store chain J.C. Penny, decided to buy a Ben Franklin branch from the Butler Brothers. The name of this employee was Sam Walton. Walton wanted to sell products at low prices so that he could get higher-volume sales while keeping his profit-margin low. After initial losses, Walton started generating revenue. By the end of the fifth year, he was generating $250,000 from his store.

In 1962, Walton decided to open the very first Wal-Mart Discount City store in Rogers, Arkansas. This store was located at 719 W. Walnut Street. With the subsequent five years that followed, Walton managed to expand his business by opening a total number of 18 stores in Arkansas. The first stores to be opened outside of Arkansas were located in Sikeston in Missouri and Claremore in Oklahoma.

The Period From 1969 to 1990:

Throughout these 21 years, Walmart was greeted by immense growth and expansion. The company was registered as incorporation on 31st October 1969. After its incorporation, the name was changed to Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated. By its 25th anniversary in 1987, Walmart was operating 198 stores across the U.S. while generating a total revenue of $15.9 billion.

The Period from 1990 to 2005:

The 25-year period proved to be lucrative for Walmart. It beat its competitors Sears and Kmart for the first time and became the largest U.S. retailer by revenue by 1990. In the same decade, Walmart launched its international stores, which were opened in Mexico and Canada. Also, various branches were opened in Brazil, Argentina, and Europe.

Initiatives Taken from the Period of 2005 till 2010:

During this period, Walmart had managed to gain global recognition and was having a massive influence on the life of an average American consumer. During these five years, it launched many initiatives, among which most were related to environmental cleanliness. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Increase in fuel efficiency of Walmart's truck fleet.

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Reduction in energy use at Walmart stores.

  • Reduction in solid waste.


Walmart is still amongst the most successful businesses in the world. It has gained more recognition and has launched various initiatives in the recent few years. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Launching Carrier Pickup, through which customers can schedule a product return.

  • Launching a fintech startup with Ribbit Capital, a venture partner, provides financial products to employees and customers.

  • Acquiring a technology from Thunder Industries for the automatic creation of digital ads.


Most of the Walmart stores are located within the U.S. However, it is operating in various regions in the world under various names.

Walmart Operations in China:

There are various Walmart-led joint ventures and subsidiaries in China. Currently, t operates in China with the name of Walmart China and has 419 stores operating in 386 different locations.

Walmart in India:

Walmart initiated its operations in India by co-venturing with Bharti Enterprises. However, in 2013, both of them decided to run the businesses separately. Currently, Walmart is operating in India as Best Price Modern Wholesale, and these stores are operating in 29 different locations. Walmart also acquired 77% stakes in the Indian e-commerce business Flipkart in 2018.


Walmart is very diverse and rich regarding the items and product categories found at its stores. Some of these categories are:

  • Animal accessories

  • Baby category

  • Carriers and accessories

  • Household and industrial items

  • Safety and emergency category

  • Cell phones

  • Electronics

  • Computer components

  • Food and beverages

  • Furniture

Animal Category:

Some of the important items in this category are pet toys, clothing, animal food, health supplements, and grooming accessories.

Baby Category:

This category includes baby furniture, baby food, nutritional supplements, baby toys, and transport items.

Carriers and Accessories:

The careers and accessories category includes items that are important for travellers. These items include backpacks, handbags, wallets, luggage, and travel accessories.

Household and Industrial Items:

This category includes common cleaning items used in household and office places. They include janitorial items, pest control accessories, domestic cleaning, and professional cleaning articles.

Safety and Emergency Category:

This category is a lot more diverse and includes products such as personal safety equipment, devices for emergency signaling, firefighting products, non-lethal items for personal defense, and safety and protection equipment.

Cell Phones:

This category deals with cell phones and smartphones.


The electronics category includes traditional phones, video game consoles, networking equipment, smartwatches, etc.

Computer Components:

They include computers of various types (desktops, laptops, tablets), hard drives, and items that are used as internal components.

Food and Beverages:

This category includes various food items, FDA-authorized sports nutrition, soft and non-alcoholic drinks.


Furniture includes various furniture items used in offices, homes, and restaurants, etc. It also includes bookshelves, frames, beds and mattresses, sofas, benches, stools, utility tables, etc.


Summing up, we can say that Walmart is still one of the leading players in the retail business. Today, the Wal-Mart company has more than 7000 stores worldwide, and its annual profitability exceeds several tens of billions of dollars, beating Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, eBay, and many more.

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