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Specializations Offered

At undergraduate level, technically and professionally oriented, specialization courses are offered to deepen your knowledge in your area of study to make you more focused and competent for scientific world. Each of these specialization shall be spread over second and third year of Biotechnology courses at graduation level. Students may choose one specialization stream out of offered two modules at the onset of second year.


Biotechnology student should be capable of solving problems with an analytical approach and should be skilled to apply modern instrumentation to problems. This course will deals with the fundamental principles of instrumental measurements, applications of these principles to specific types of chemical measurements, examples of modern instrumentation, and the use of instruments to solve real analytical problems.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is a unifying and ever-changing discipline that elucidates the structure and function of cells in all their genetic, biochemical, developmental, physiological and pathophysiological aspects. The blend of practical and theory of this module will give a wide-ranging coverage of modern molecular techniques with which all biotechnology students will need to be familiar. On completion of this module the student will develop skills to analytically, critically and systemically analyze and evaluate information related to the molecular biology and biotechnology and their application in various fields.

Professional and Scientific Communication

Scientists are deliberately evaluated by their art of transmitting their ideas and findings. The course looks into science communication as a whole process and gives students the opportunity to train oral and written techniques to meet the demand of research and communication world. The course will start with the conventional approach to scientific writing. The program will focuses on training students in conceiving, reporting, writing, and editing scientific content. This is the compulsory module for the graduate students. Certificate will be provided after successful completion.

Specializations Course Curriculum
 Year Instrumentation Molecular Biology
Second Basic Tools and Techniques in Cellular & Molecular Biology - Cell Culture, Fractionation & Protein Isolation
- Electrophoresis & Protein Profiling
- Enzyme Isolation & Characterization
Third Advanced Tools and Techniques in Cellular & Molecular Biology - Study of Markers & Vectors
- DNA Isolation and its Applications
- Gene Cloning
Mandatory Module: Professional & Scientific Communication