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“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits,
and surely your habits will change your future.”

-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Career Development Centre- CDC at IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus aims at improving students’ soft skills for overall holistic development. The sessions planned provide a platform to the students to realize their full potential for personal and professional development. An amalgam of various techniques is used in innovative pedagogy for students’ development such as mind mapping, decision making matrix and personal SWOT analysis. Psychometric personality assessments are also conducted to provide a powerful framework for driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence. The assessment helps the students to know themselves better and identify scope of improvements. The centre assists the student to carve a niche for themselves by adapting “Learning by Doing” principle. Our innovative training practices are carefully designed for skill development in students, who are ready to take the plunge and prove their mettle in the challenging and ever changing competitive environment.

CDC also conducts Personality Development Programme-PDP for post graduate and undergraduate courses to enable students to identify their strengths, discover latent skills and create an action plan in order to achieve the pinnacle of success. PDP combines best training practises for enhancement of confidence, attitude and skills in the students. The objective of the programme is to accentuate one’s ability to transcend oneself into paragons of efficiency, who can map up to the corporate and society expectations. Students are also benefited by individual counseling sessions and value its significance for eternal benefits. Resource people and experts are also invited to the campus to make the students ready for facing challenges by making constant efforts in the right direction.

The objectives of CDC
1. To enable students to self discover their traits and abilities.
2. To inculcate grooming practices and etiquette.
3. To enhance employability.
4. To provide career guidance for long term success.


CDC equips the students with modules focusing on personal and professional development. The series are well planned in order to provide a ready framework for understanding self and delivering the best. Even an entry-level position suitable for minimal skills is better filled by a compatible personality who exhibits potential and optimism. Since personality also entails knowing how to relate with others, how to communicate effectively, and even how to dress appropriately, it is therefore undoubtedly a crucial step in helping the students to climb the echelon of success. The modules are designed after taking into consideration the contemporary requirements and students’ expectations.

Career Pathway Club

Career Development Centre (CDC) has taken an initiative to invite students to work extensively with their team, to deliver robust results and facilitate the processes in the most efficient manner. The following 12 students have successfully cleared the personal interview round held on 20 Feb 2019 and are now ready to work actively in Career Pathway Club.

Dhruv Dixit, BCA,Year 2
Prakshal Jain, BCA, Year 1
Aishwarya, BCA, Year 1
Yashika, BCA, Year 1
Rajat Kumar, BCA, Year 1
Sameer, Bioscience (MB), Year 2
Anurag Kapoor, BBA, Year 2
Namann Gupta, BBA Year 2
Anmol Gupta, BBA, Year 2
Shivangi Singh, BBA, Year 1
Nistha Goel, BBA, Year 1
Shivi Singh, BBA, Year 1

The roles & responsibilities of the members of the Career Pathway Club are as follows:
1. To effectively communicate CDC initiatives to the students on the campus through different channels.
2. To coordinate with the resource persons for successful conduction of Career Enrichment Talk Series, Workshops and Guest Lectures.
3. To organize CDC events efficiently
4. To coordinate with EWL & Staff members.
5. To contribute to ATL & BTL activities of CDC.
6. To provide feedforward to CDC for meeting students' set of expectations.

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