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Desktop App Club

The club is specifically for BCA students having interest in programming languages like C, C++ and JAVA. The club will organize various activities like Quiz competition, discussion on latest technologies, and coding competitions. The aim of this club is to showcase their programming skills and prepare them self for future code guru.

Events / Activities Organized
Event / Activity
About Event
Workshop on Cyber Security 30-01-2019 All Departments Ethical hacking is an important tool in many national security agencies and even companies. In order to become an Ethical Hacker or Security Expert one must think out of the box with the mentality that in order to catch a thief. read more...
Code Cracker 2k18 27-9-2018 All Departments The main objective of this event was to test the participants programming skills. The event "Code Cracker" was consist of two rounds, round 1 question was MCQ based on C Programming, round 2 questions was logic problem to be implemented in C Programming. read more...
Code Cracker 20-09-2017
Teamwork - An activity by DesktopApp Club 3-05-2017
Workshop on C Programming 6 Dec 2017 BCA I Year Through this workshop students got the chance to explore more about C Programming Language specially Loops, Function and Recursion with Practical Demonstration in Lab. Students enjoyed the workshop and also became curious to learn and polish their knowledge on C Programming.
Code Cracker 20 Sept 2017 BCA Program A competition based on concepts of C and to judge the programming skills of BCA Students.
Team Work Activity Competition 03 May 2017 BCA Program A competition based on concepts of Teamwork ability, Programming skills(C, HTML & PHP) and presentation skills.
Concepts and Coding in C competition 15 Nov 2016 BCA I yr A competition exclusively for BCA I yr students to judge their C Skills
A practice session on coding and debugging in C 16 Sept 2016 BCA II yr and BCA III yr In this session students discussed basic C concepts required for technical sessions in interviews and placement tests.
Online collage making and presentation 12 Aug 2016 Students from all the courses The students were supposed to make an online collage by using any type of software and then explain them through a presentation

Faculty / Student Coordinators
Faculty Co-ordinator:Prof. Alok Singh Chauhan
PresidentMr. Aniket Kapoor
Vice President Ms. Archana Jha
Secretary Ms. Umang Agarwal
Joint Secretary Ms. Konica Chodhary
Members Ms. Shaina Begum
Ms. Anushtha Kaushik
Mr. Sudhanshu Badal
Ms. Lavi Tomer
Mr. Vikas Sharma
Mr. Aman Gupta
Mr. Harshit Bhatnagar
Mr. Sachit Sharma
Mr. Vivek Choudhary
Mr. Harsh Kumar
Mr. Rajat Goswami
Mr. Harshit Bana
Mr. Nimesh Kumar Nadar
Mr. Rohit Yadav
Mr. Sarthak
Mr. Aman Kumar Ojha
Mr. Sankalp
Mr. Syed Abbas Hussain