Guest Lectures


Date & Day 14th October, 2020


KreaNabo – The Buzz Communication Cell of the IMS-Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organised Inaugural ceremony on October 14, 2020. The first initiative taken by cell is Wednesday Wisdom ,where experts from different domain will share their knowledge and wisdom with the young minds.The speaker for the session Mr. Jerin Thomas, an alumnus of MIB Batch 2018-20 currently associated with Innovation Group(UAE) motivated the students through his words of wisdom. The session commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Geeti Sharma, Chairperson, Management Department who wholeheartedly appreciated this concept of Wednesday wisdom and express her gratitude to Mr.Jerin for giving his kind consent to address the students.The praetor& Sr.Consul gave their insights on this initiative and introduced the cell and its team members.The topic of the session was "Hunger",which means the passion, the zeal to achieve something in life. Mr. Thomas told the students that having no hunger means messed life. Each individual should have hunger and should be familiar with it as it motivates oneself and make them strong and gives purpose to their lives. He further mentioned that one should be aware of their calling and if you need to be extraordinary definitely you have to think out of the box. He motivated the students not to devalue themselves as if someone has the passion to do something so nothing can stop them as 'Sky isn't the limit'. He also added that one must carry a positive attitude and should know his/her worth. He also apprised the students that giving up isn't a solution but it's the time to gain knowledge and explore new things, It's the time to know your perspective, he added. Then he ended his part with a quote that 'You're born special so act special’.

The students took active participation and raised various queries on the related topic.
The faculty coordinators, Prof. Yagbala Kapil and Prof. Aastha Sawhney proposed formal vote of thanks to each one associated with the program and executing the event with precision.