Guest Lectures


Event Topic “Wednesday Wisdom (Basics of Anchoring)”
Date & Day 28th October, 2020

“Wednesday Wisdom (Basics of Anchoring)”

An initiative “Wednesday Wisdom” started by KreaNabo - The Buzz Communication Cell of IMSUC Ghaziabad. On 28th October 2020, the 3rd talk session was successfully organized by the cell on the theme “The Basis of Anchoring.” The session's main objective was to highlight the principal components of anchoring and to understand the concept of the same in a special context to a virtual platform.

The speaker of the day was Mr.Shiv Nidhi Bharadwaj. The event was initiated by emphasizing the prominence of anchoring in an event by the speaker. Every facet of anchoring was shared by the speaker and later followed by Mr. Ashutosh.

The ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ program focuses mainly on students’ personal growth. And growth can’t be sought without interaction. So, the session moved forward by Mr. Ashutosh, interacting with the audience regarding his experience with anchoring.
After that, the salient factors of anchoring were shared by Mr. Shiv regarding ‘how anchors’ communication, comfort, adaptability, and confidence can do wonders in the event. Moreover, a book was advised by him to improve the vocabulary and work on phonetics- Norman Lewis’s “WORD POWER MADE EASY.”

Then, the session was wrapped up with great insights from Prof. Yagbala Kapil and Prof. Aastha Sawhney. The art of moving on after making mistakes and overcoming the hesitation and stage-fear was ideally put-up by the professors.