Guest Lectures


Event Topic World's Book and Copyright Day
Date & Day 23rd April, 2021


Institute of Management Studies

(University Courses Campus)

REPORT OF “World's Book and Copyright Day”


Event Name: World's Book and Copyright Day

Date & Day: 23rd  April 2021

Faculty Co0rdinators

Prof. Yagbala Kapil

 Prof. Aastha Sawhney

Designation / Organization: Director, 

IMS Ghzaiabad, University Courses Campus and CEGR, New Delhi

Topic: “A journey through pages”


Schedule Timing: 6.00 to 7.00 PM

Number of Participants:30

Venue: Zoom Platform



On the day of World's Book and Copyright Day, KreaNabo-The Buzz Communication cell organized "A journey through pages" on 23rd April 2021 to celebrate the essence of books where like-minded individuals discussed their book memories. The event began with the introduction and welcoming the new joinee’s of the club by Mr. Shiv Bhardwaj, Sr Consul. 

Dr Geeti Sharma, Chairperson Management Department shared her experience of being in love with reading. The session was further taken by Ashutosh, Praetor explaining the implication and beauty of books. Mr. Mitul, an active member of the club shared his interest in reading 'Shri Bhagwad Geeta'. A short story was shared by Shiv about how he protested and made library services available during the break-session in his school just to read books. Prof. Yagbala, Prof. Aastha Sawhney and other members of the club shared their stories with their best companions-books.

Furthermore, a few members recommended the books which they love, which changed their outlook towards life.


The session was wrapped up by sharing favourite books and on the note of “Keep Reading and Keep Sharing knowledge”.


Learning Outcome: The students understood the importance of World Book and Copyright Day and how important for everyone to read which will enhance their knowledge and thought process to develop as a good human being.

Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar