Guest Lectures


Event Topic Opportunities for Media students in Film, T.V and Music Industry
Category Alumni Meet
Date & Day 3rd July, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)

REPORT on Alumni Talk

Event Name: Alumni Talk

Date & Day: 3rd July ,2021

Guest Speaker: Ritwik Das

Designation/Organization: Alumni BJMC Batch (2017-2020), IMSUC

Topic: Opportunities for Media students in Film, T.V and Music Industry

Event Timing: 11.00 AM

Number of Students: 40+

Venue: Online Zoom Platform

Summary of the Event:

The Journalism & Mass Communication Department of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus has organized an "Alumni Talk" for the students of 1st and 2nd year to get an insight and grip over the topic of significance in their field by Mr. Ritwik Das Alumni of Batch (2017- 2020) on July 3rd,2021.

 He has its own studio that is studio frenzy.He is a prominent name in music industry who himself is a sound engineer and a music producer. He stared his career in Bollywood in the year 2017 and worked with many big names such as Aksh king, Anupam Roy, Pearl V Puri.

 Mr.Ritwik Das talked on the topic ‘Opportunities for Media students in Film, T.V and Music Industry’ he mentored the students on the tips like how to follow the right way to choose their career and make it a success. He told students that how to get into these fields, students can build fundamental techniques in audio and video production, and apply them within a studio environment. How they can develop storytelling skills, allowing their message to reach audiences in an influential way. The whole session was a gleam of cognition for every student as they got a glimpse over the topic in an easy and convenient way to recall. The event was conducted under the guidance of the faculty members.

Learning Outcome: - Students learnt about the topic, and understand need of today's media industry and how to get into it by hard work and creative understanding


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