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Workshop on Internal Financial Control

The program was started with the introduction of CA Anagh gupta. The task of anchoring was given to BBA Students. They introduced BBA And MIB students at IMS UC Campus. Speaker of the lecture Manager was CA Anagh Gupta manager at (Price Waterhouse Cooper,LLP). He started the workshop with asking students some questions that what they know about The Internal financial Control and internal financial planning.

The workshop was divided into 5 parts :
1. Responsibilities under IFC
2. Audit of IFC
3. Call to Action
4. IFC beyond Compliance
5. Practical Perspective

The workshop was very beneficial about understanding how the concepts will increase efficiency of business.
How IFC helps in plug in revenues.
How IFC helps in rationalizing the number of controls across organization
How IFC helps in standardizing policies and procedures.
How IFC Provide assurance to the CEO/CFO as well as improve Business performance.
How IFC controls the conscious work culture for people behind controls.

The last section was devoted to check the learning of the students. In this section the students were given one small case in which they have to apply what the learned in the workshop. The students applied this useful information in these real life scenarios very well. This activity made sure that the students have learned all this in a practical manner and not as some theory. At the end CA Akansha Arora gave a thank you note to CA Anagh Gupta to show that how grateful the session was to being a part of this workshop. The students were awarded with valuable certificates by Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg and after the completion of the workshop.