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Workshop on Web Designing and HTML at Sanskar World School, Ghaziabad

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) conducted a workshop on 11th December 2018 at Sanskar World School, Ghaziabad. Students of class 11th attended a workshop on Web Designing basics.The workshop was conducted by Ms. Bindu Trikha (Assistant Professor BCA).

The objective of the workshop was to make the students acquainted with the basics of HTML and CSS so that they can make their own simple web pages. Students got a hands-on exposure to the HTML Basics and displayed the output and effect of various tags used in HTML, and styling with CSS attributes which helped the students to design a web page. More than 30 students actively participated and learned about Web Design terminologies (client, server, domain, webpage, web browser etc.), HTML & CSS. Altogether, the session was a great learning experience.