Dr. Anwesha Khanra (Dey)

Core Faculty Bio

Dr. Anwesha Khanra (Dey)
Institute of Mgmt. Studies, Ghaziabad

Department: Bio Sciences


Teaching: 2 years in Satyug Darshan Technical College, Faridabad
Research: 2 years in CSIR-funded project, entitled as "A method for photoheterotrophic cultivation of microalgae targeting improved lipid production for various applications"


I have done my Ph.D. (2015-2019) in Biotechnology at Amity University, Noida, under the guidance of Dr. Monika Prakash Rai. My Ph.D. topic has been entitled as "Production and extraction of oil from algae for various applications". I have published 7 research papers in national and international journal of reputes (Total SCI I.F. 18.184) during my Ph.D. career. I have published 2 book chapters in Springer Nature and filed 4 patents. I have received CSIR-Direct SRF scholarship. I have awarded DAAD Sponsored fully funded scholarship to attend a workshop at Technical University, Berlin, Germany in 2016. I have got the opportunity to give an oral talk in St. Cross College, Oxford University, UK, in 2019.

Awards & Honors

Qualified CSIR-Direct SRF in May 2018 (File no. 09/915/ (0012)-2018, EMR-1)
Received DAAD funded scholarship to attend IGCS (Indo-German Centre for Sustainability) Summer School from 8th July 2016 to 15th July 2016, held at Technical University, Berlin.
Achieved best oral presentation award on the topic entitled as "Isolation of a prospective microalga for high lipid production under photoheterotrophic cultivation" at BIOEPOCH-2016, JNU, New Delhi.
Achieved best poster award on "Photo-heterotrophic cultivation of Euglena sp. through media optimization for efficient lipid production" at BIOMEDCON-2016, DU, New Delhi.

Areas of Interest

Microalgae isolation and characterization by molecular techniques
Microalgae cultivation and low cost biodiesel production.
Microalgae harvesting and lipid extraction techniques by using nanomaterial
Techniques for microalgae lipid enhancement and value-added products
Bioremediation and waste water treatment
Use of nanomaterial in cell culture
Anti-corrosion efficacy of mild steel using microbial extract

Book Edited

Shrasti Vashistha, Anwesha Khanra, Monika Prakash Rai*, "Progress and challenges in biodiesel production from microalgae feedstock" in Microalgae Biotechnology for Development of Biofuel and Waste Water Treatment, Springer Nature, (Eds. Alam, Md. Asraful, Wang, Zhongming ) (Invited chapter; Accepted March 2018, in press), ISBN: 978-981-13-2264-8.

Nikunj Sharma, Anwesha Khanra, Monika Prakash Rai*, "Potential Applications of Antioxidants from Algae in Human health"; Springer Nature (Eds. Pawan Kumar Maurya et al., June 2017); ISBN 978-981-10-4710-7.

Research publications in National Journal:

Anwesha Khanra, Monika Prakash Rai, "Evaluation of Mixotrophic Cultivation of Euglena gracilis for Lipid Synthesis and FAME Characterization towards Biodiesel Application", Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (Vol 17, 2018; 359-364; IF 0.557; SJR 0.224)

Research publications in International Journal:

1. Anwesha Khanra, Monika Srivastava, Monika Prakash Rai, Rajiv Prakash, Application of unsaturated fatty acid molecules derived from microalgae toward mild steel corrosion inhibition in HCl solution: A novel approach for metal-inhibitor association; ACS Omega (Vol 3, 2018; 12369-12382; IF 2.58)

2. Anwesha Khanra, Sujata Sangam, Adeeba Shakeel, Deepa Suhag, Monika Prakash Rai, Sandeep Chakraborty, Monalisa Mukherjee, "Sustainable growth and lipid production from Chlorella pyrenoidosa using N-doped carbon nanosheets: Unraveling the role of Graphitic Nitrogen", ACS Sustainable Engineering and Chemistry. (Vol 6, No 1, 2018; IF 6.97; 774-780; SJR 1.523)

3. Monika Prakash Rai, Anwesha Khanra, Shruti Rai, Monika Srivastava, Rajiv Prakash, "Pivotal role of levoglucosenone and hexadecanoic acid from microalgae Chlorococcum sp. for corrosion resistance on mild steel: electrochemical, microstructural and theoretical analysis", Journal of Molecular Liquids (Vol. 266, 2018; IF 4.561; 279-290)

4. Anwesha Khanra, Shrasti Vasistha, Monika Prakash Rai, "Glycerol on Lipid Enhancement and FAME Characterization in algae for Raw Material of Biodiesel", International Journal of Renewable Energy and Research. (Vol 7, No 4, 2017; IF 3.06; 1970-1978; SJR 0.286 )

5. Shrasti Vasistha, Anwesha Khanra, Monika Prakash Rai, "Boosting lipid assimilation of a novel microalgae in mixotrophic cultivation and incorporation silver nanoparticles for improved cell recovery towards biodiesel application", Research Journal of Biotechnology (Accepted on August 2018, IF 0.42; SJR 0.14)

6. Monika Prakash Rai, Anwesha Khanra, Vandit Suxena "Bioremoval of lead, cadmium and nickel by Chlorella pyrenoidosa with increase in lipid production for bioenergy applications" Vivechan International Journal of Research (Vol 7, Issue 1, 22-30; UGC Approved)

Paper presented in International Conferences:

1. Presented a paper entitled as "Potential of isolated green microalgae for improved biodiesel under mixotrophy", organized by The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy IAPE'19, in Oxford, UK.

2. Presented a paper entitled as "Biomass and Coal-Two carbon fuels of different ages: German and Indian Perspectives", organized by DAAD-IGCS 2016, in TU Berlin, Germany.

3. Presented a paper entitled as "Optimization of growth and lipid production for Euglena gracilis under mixotrophic cultivation", organized by International symposium on New processes and applications for plant and microbial products, 2015, in Teri University.

FDP Attended:

Attended FDP on "Application of Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Industry" in in Amity University, Noida.