Dr. Indrani Bhattacharjee

Core Faculty Management

Dr. Indrani Bhattacharjee
Institute of Mgmt. Studies, Ghaziabad

Department: Management Studies


20 Years


Energetic and enthusiastic Educator / Trainer offering over phenomenal 18 years of experience in the Education sector with a strong Academic background and unyielding commitment to educate students; Availed numerous opportunities for contributing to the pool of knowledge and enabling the youth to foster their management intellect and requisite skill set by bridging the gap between the industry and academia. Worked on various portfolios including collaboration with private companies, government organizations, and venture capital firms.

Awards & Honors

1. Received the Best Ph.D Thesis Award at the Ninth National Conference organized by Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore (January 30 2007)
2. Honorary Member of the Editorial Board of the IJBST Journal Group

Areas of Interest

1. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
2. Management of Financial Services
3. International Financial Management
4. Entrepreneurship Development
5. Financial Management
6. Cost & Management Accounting
7. Behavioural Finance
8. Goods & Service Tax

Book Authored

1. Start- Up Stories of India ( 2020 ) ; Co- Author; ISBN: 978 - 93-86895-84-5; https://books.google.co.in/books?d=VcbPDwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false
2. Case Book on Emerging Trends in Banking & Finance ( 2020 ) ; Editor; ISBN: 978 - 93 - 90252 - 20 – 6

Research publications in National Journal:

1. Bhattacharjee, I., (2020). ABC Analysis – Case Study. Case Book on Emerging Trends in Banking & Finance (2020); ISBN: 978-93-90252-20-6
2. Bhattacharjee, I., (2020). Insights on New Education Policy 2020. Bi-Annual magazine “Pratistha”, Volume 1, Issue 1
3. Bhattacharjee, I., Sen Gupta, S. & Sharma, S. (2019). Delhi- The Migration Capital of India. International journal of Latest Technology in Engineering, Management & Applied Science, Volume VIII, Issue VII, page no. 34-40
4.Bhattacharjee, I. & Srivastava, N. (2017). Work Place Spirituality and Organizational Development. Management Perspective, IILM Graduate School of management, Volume 3, Issue 1, Oct-March 2017 (ISSN No. 0975-0495)
5. Bhattacharjee, I., (2016). Entrepreneurial Education: A Critical Perspective. Journal Of IPEM, Institute of Professional Excellence & Management, Ghaziabad. July-Dec, 2016 (ISSN 0974-8903),
6. Bhattacharjee, I., (2016). Entrepreneurial Education: Approaches to Entrepreneurial Learning in practice. Emerging Trends in HR: Challenges and Perspectives in the 21st Century (ISBN 978-93-5258-996-8). Rajdhani Business School, Trivandrum, Kerala.
7. Bhattacharjee, I., (2005). Corporate Social Responsibility: Myth or Meaning? Quarterly web journal, “The Communication Foundation”, Vol. I, Issue 1
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9. Bhattacharjee, I., (2004). Measuring Employee Performance – An EVA Perspective. HORIZON (in-house journal of NTPC, PMI), Vol.VI, No. 4

Research publications in International Journal:

1. Kapil, Y., Bhattacharjee, I., & Saxena, N. (2021). Need of intrapreneurial inclination in food manufacturing industry in small and medium-sized enterprises In UTTAR PRADESH: A critical review in Pandemic era. 14th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship, EDII. Ahmedabad.
2. Bhattacharjee, I., Srivastava, N. & Malik, S. (2019). From Village to the World: PPES Way Case-Study). 13th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship at EDII, Ahmedabad.
3. Bhattacharjee, I., (2007). Balance Scorecard: A Strategy-focused Business Planning. National Conference, Institute of Technology & Science, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
4. Bhattacharjee, I. & Rao, P. (2007). Terrorism Risk: A Challenge for the Insurance Sector. National Conference by Institute of technology &Science. India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Paper presented in International Conferences:

1. Bhattacharjee, I., & Kapoor, K. (2021). Entrepreneurial opportunities during Covid-19 Pandemic in India – a SEM based Study to investigate motivating factors among higher education students. International Conference on Dynamic Business Environment and Opportunities in the New Normal 2k21. Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus)
2. Bhattacharjee, I., & Rao, P. (2020). Impact of Digitization on Financial Literacy- A Study on Millennial’s of India. IIBG Symposium 2020. Institute of International Business and Governance (IIBG), The Open University of Hong Kong
3. Bhattacharjee, I., & Srivastava, N. (2019). Digital Financial Inclusion: A Comparative Study of India and the World. International Conference on Emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things: Challenges and Opportunities for Business, Society and Education. Jaipuria School of Business, Ghaziabad.
4. Bhattacharjee, I., (2017). Business Environment & Entrepreneurship: An Analysis of Awareness of Government Policies among the Management students. International Conference on Global Trends in Management, Governance and Entrepreneurship. Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.
5. Bhattacharjee, I., Chaudhary S. & Srivastava, N. (2017). Leading Organization towards Holistic Development through Spiritual Competence. International Conference on Spirituality & Skill for Leadership and Sustainable Management. School of Management Studies, Varanasi.

FDP Organized:

1. Convenor, Start-up Conclave 2020 on February 15, 2019 at IMS, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) to create a platform for young entrepreneurs who are striving to become a disruptive force and contribute to the development of the people and society.
2. Convenor, Start-up Conclave 2019 on February 16, 2019 at IMS, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) to create a platform for young entrepreneurs who are striving to become a disruptive force and contribute to the development of the people and society.
3. Organized a One-day Seminar on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS in association with Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India (CWEI) and Ghaziabad Management Association (GMA) on August 23, 2019 at IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus.
4. Co-Convenor, National Seminar on “Sustainability and Growth of Business in Digital Era “on 25th November, 2017 at IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus.
5. Convenor, National Seminar on Role of Innovation and Skills for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development with Special Reference to Small Scale and Digital ventures at IPEM, Ghaziabad (March 12, 2016)
6. Organized two-day workshop on “Data Analysis & Interpretation using SPSS & MINITAB” at Institute of Professional Excellence & Management, Ghaziabad (27-28 February 2015). The resource persons were from Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) & Indian Statistical Institute.
7. Organized two-days FDP on “Data Analysis & Interpretation using SPSS” at Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad (2007). The resource person was Dr. C.P. Gupta, Chairman, Finance & accounting Area, MDI, Gurgaon.

Workshops Attended:

1. 6-days online FDP on “Quantitative Analysis Using SEM and Qualitative Analysis using NVIVO software” organized by Amity Gwalior and supported by TUHH, University of Hamburg, Germany from June 1-6, 2020
2. Second National Education Excellence Conclave on 24th February, 2020 organized by Integrated Chamber of Commerce & Industries
3. Faculty Development Programme on “Art of Case Writing” on February 4-6, 2020 at IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus.
4. Report Release and Panel Discussion on An Integrated Value Chain Approach to Ease of Doing Business Organised by Pahle India Foundation on 13th September 2019 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
5. Seminar Series on ‘Definition of MSMEs’ organised by Pahle India Foundation, New Delhi and YES Bank on May 8, 2019 at India International
6. Five Days Workshop on Research Methodology and Research Publication” organized from June 5-9, 2019 by National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship & Management (NIFTEM), Sonipat.
7. Attended a three-day FDP on Research Methodology using SPSS and AMOS January at IMS Ghaziabad on January 17-19, 2019.
8. FDP on 'Case Writing & Development' at Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus), 21st-22nd December, 2017
9. FDP on 'Teaching Pedagogy' at IIM, Indore (24th April 2017– 31st May 2017) 10. FDP on Advanced Data Analysis, at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida on December 24, 2016
11. FDP on “Enhancing Teaching skills of faculty in Personal and Institutional Finance” organized by FORE School of Management, New Delhi on May 29-30,2014
12. FDP organized by Apeejay School of Business on the topic “Research Methodology and Analysis using SPSS” in May 30-31, 2007
13. FDP organized by Galgotia Institute of Management on the topic “Six Sigma – A Breakthrough Approach” on June 15 2006
14. Seminar on “Marketing of Financial Services”, Dept. of Management Studies, Hamdard University on 6th March 2006.