Purnima Gupta

Core Faculty IT

Purnima Gupta
Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

Department: School of Information Technology


7+ years


Ms. Purnima Gupta is working as Assistant Professor at IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus . She has an experience of more than seven years in the field of Academics. She did M.Tech from Abdul Kalam Technical University. She has Qualified four times UGC NET(June 2014, June 2018 & Dec 2018, June 2019) and two times AWES PRT exam in 2015 & 2015 in Computer Science. She has received two appreciation awards from Indian railway ECR for working on their five projects. She has published multiple reserch papers in reputed journals. She has been a Resource person in many workshops and FDPs. She has  organized multiple events.

Awards & Honors

  1.   An appreciation letter has been issued by Indian Railways, DDUdivision, East Central Railway for the development and deployments of four independent software applications.
  2. An appreciation letter has been issued by Indian Railways, DDUdivision, East Central Railway Administration for the developing web application and Android app entitled “TROMGS”. It have five different modules.
  3. Achieve WOW award on women’s day by IMS Noida.    

      In Media :

  1.  Coverage in newspapers about workshop on “DATA ANALYSIS WITH PANDAS AND NUMPY”attended by more than 1050 national and International participants.
  2. Coverage on 92.1 FM radio speech on Teacher’s Day.


  1.   UGC NET qualified in computer science in June 2014, June 2018, Dec 2018 & June 2019.
  2. AWES PRT exam in computer science in December 2014 & 2015.
  3.  Resource person for 2 days workshop on “DATA ANALYSIS WITH PANDAS AND NUMPY”,organized by Institute of Management Studies Noida.
  4.  Resource person for one day workshop on “Python Data Analysis and Visualization for beginner”,organized by Vikas Group of Institute, Andhra Pradesh.
  5.  Resource person for one day workshop on “Advance Excel” organized by IMS Noida.
  6. Resource person for one day workshop on “DataScience: Data Analysis and Visualization”,organized by Institute of Management Studies.
  7. Resource person for 7 days Faculty Development program in C Language, KNMIET Modinagar.

Online Certification Courses:

  1.  Java by Oracle
  2.  Data Analysis with Pandas and Python
  3.  Java SE 8 Developer Boot camp
  4.  Short Term Training Program on Microsoft Azure
  5.  Data Visualization using Tableau
  6. Big data Hadoop

Areas of Interest

  1. Python
  2. Database (Oracle)
  3. Big Data (Hadoop ,Hive)
  4. Data Science


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Cloud Computing”, International Journal of Computer Science Trends and Technology (IJCST,
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[2] Purnima, Deepak Kumar Verma and Aswani Kumar Singh, “Improving RSA algorithm using multi-threading model for outsourced data security in cloud storage”, (IEEE Conference confluence 2018).
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[6] Purnima Gupta, Aswani Kumar Singh and Dr. Archana Sharma “Internet ‘Networking in IoT:Technologies used, Security Threats and Possible Countermeasures’, (IJITEE)’, ISSN: 2278–3075(Online), Volume-9 Issue-9, July 2020, Page No. 557-563
[7] Dr. Archana Sharma, Purnima Gupta “COVID 19 Pandemic: Impact on Business and Cyber
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[8] Dr. Archana Sharma, Purnima Gupta “Blockchain Revolution: Adaptability in Business World and Challenges inImplementation, IGI Global, 2021 .


  1.  System and Methods for Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled metal three dimensional (3D) Printing ,2020
  2. System and method for prenatal screening for fetal abnormalities,2021


  1.  5th Security and Privacy Symposium in IIIT-Delhi, 2017.
  2.  IEEE Sponsored International Workshop on Useful Mathematical and Statistical Software Tools for
  3. Engineering Applications (September 2017).
  4.  6th Security and privacy Symposium in IIT-Delhi, 2018.
  5. Participation in Seminar on “Zero Waste Discharge: Issue, Challenge &Way Forward”,KNMIET,2019.

Attended FDP:

  1. FDP on “Problem based Learning” by NITTTR, Kolkata, 2019.
  2.  FDP on “Artificial Intelligence” byNITTTR, Kolkata, 2019.
  3.  Five days virtual FDP on R language by IIT Bombay-PMMMNMIT, 2020
  4.  One week FDP on Cyber Security by Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, 2020
  5.  Five days online FDP on “Artificial Intelligence” by AICTE Training and Learning Academy, 2020
  6.  Five days FDP on “Block Chain Technology and Cyber Security ”by Vikas Group of Institution,2020
  7.  Attended multiple FDPs and webinars on IOT, Block Chain, Machine Learning and Cyber Security


 Pension Sanitization System

This software application has been developed for East Central Railway. This application helped Indian Railways to complete a long-awaited complex process of pension sanitization for retired railway employees. This application has improved the correctness and speed of pension data sanitization from two databases since bank data base is completely different from railway database.

Central Receipt and Dispatch Management System

To avoid corruption and fast disposal of files in Indian railways, this software has been implemented at Mughalsarai Division of East central Railway. Railway officers are able to check how many files are still pending for disposal for a long time at their departments. They can control the file processing system and improve the throughput.

LAR(Last Accepted Rate) Management System

The concept of this software has been implemented first time in Indian railway history. The purpose of this application software is to get input of all types of contract data from all railway departments and to calculate the LAR (Last Accepted Rate) which is based on a very complex calculation of history data of corresponding Contract. The main objective of this system is to increase the profit margin for railway units in contractual process and to reduce the corruption at initial stage for the same process.

 Record Management System

This System serves the three major objectives for record management, record search and record issue or receipt. Indian Railway has more than one lacks of several type records like Service Record, Provident Fund ledgers, and Vouchers at its single division. Searching and management is very tedious and timeconsumingtask. This system uses the location pattern of physical large compactors which are divided into rows and columns, for record search and management. This System has been implemented at Mughalsarai Division of East Central Railway.