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MBA in International Business vs. Master of International Business

MBA in International Business vs. Master of International Business

Want a career in International business? But don’t know which business degree program to choose? At present, there are profuse advanced degree courses present for aspiring graduates looking forward to pursuing a great career in international business. Among all, MBA in International Business and Master of International Business are the two highly specialized postgraduate programs that prepare students to be global leaders with a thorough understanding of cutting-edge trends of the international market.

To an unversed person, both the MBA in International Business and Master of International Business are internationally-focused business programs having a similar outcome. Although there are some common flavours that they share, there are also a healthy number of fundamental differences between them.

If you are facing an utter dilemma, then read on and find out what MBA in International Business and Master of International Business offers:


MBA in International Business:

MBA in International Business is a two-year postgraduate management degree that equips students with sufficient knowledge and skills required to work in global business environments. It helps you to understand and engage with the global economy as well as enable you to easily adapt to the changing scenario of the international marketplace. There are profuse MBA courses in NCR available that offers value-based education and make you proficient enough to efficiently deal with the different challenges in the domain.

The course curriculum of the MBA in International Business course is designed to develop the resources and capability of managers in the global economy. Here, the students are generally taught about the Procedure and Documentation involved in Export and Import, Methods of Approaching Customers in Foreign Countries, Raising Capital from the International and Distribution Market, Currency Conversion & Fluctuation, Key Aspects of Global Competition, International Logistics, Supply Chain and Retail Marketing, International Laws on Tariffs, Duties, and Customs, etc.

Export-Import Management, Brand Management, International Marketing, Logistics Management, Compliance Management, and Foreign Exchange Management are some of the functional areas for MBA International Business graduates.

Master of International Business:

Master of International Business (MIB) is one of the most sought-after international business study programs that primarily emphasizes the identification and management of challenges emerging while planning, controlling, and coordinating business activities at an international level. This two-year postgraduate course endows students with more practical business knowledge and focuses on a cross-cultural understanding of the international marketplace. Quantitative training is the core part of MIB and offers its graduates the opportunities to explore advanced research options into international business.

The course curriculum of this master’s degree program enables you to delve into international issues in greater depth. It covers all the basics and advance of international business education and focuses on the study of Management Concepts and Organizational Behaviour, Business Environment, Financial and Cost Accounting, International Marketing and Financial Management, Foreign Trade Policy, Marketing Research, Operations Research, Foreign Languages, E-Commerce, Strategic Management, International Business Laws and Taxation, etc.

MNCs, Foreign Investing Firms, International Organizations, Government Bodies, International Marketing, Finance, Banking, Human Resource Management, and Business Development, Research & Educational Institutes, Finance Sector, Marketing Areas, Trade Companies, Banking Sector are some of the functional areas for Master of International Business graduates.

Nowadays, a plethora of companies are hunting for a diverse and competitive workforce that can build and run businesses across different countries. In India, to be a part of such a workforce, Master of International Business and MBA in International Business programs equip candidates with the acumen to deal with international scenarios and bestows immense job options to choose from. It is always recommended to enroll with some of the best management or MBA colleges in Ghaziabad or anywhere in India for bright career prospects.