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Marketing Club

World is changing rapidly from analogue to digital. People are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis in the form of mobile phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Importance of Digital Marketing is increasing day by day because it is not only a rapidly growing force in the current marketing field but also going to become future of marketing for marketing strategist. It is being predicted that digital media will soon replace more traditional forms altogether. Digital Marketing Club of IMS, Ghaziabd, University Courses Campus, believes in bringing together brightest minds of students in exploring the ever changing dynamics of digital marketing. Club aims at keeping students aware about the latest trends in digital marketing which finally help them in making their career bright.

Events / Activities organized
Event / Activity
About Event
Marketing Declamation 06-03-2019 BBA Department Participants explained the various concepts of marketing with the reference to the topics like traditional vs digital marketing, VR, AR and MR as a marketing tool & Marketing Intelligence. read more...
BRAND MAKEOVER 30-1-2019 All Departments Brands are like models walking on the marketing ramp. Even the most respected and well-known faces on the ramp need a makeover from time to time. read more...
QuizBuzz 16-2-2018 All Departments The well renowned jingles of advertisements and the branded faces of bollywood were a jiffy for the participants to answer to. Tycoons (company's CEO) and Godfather (Parent company) showcased its tricky twists and turns, but that too our participants played sportingly. read more...
DIGITAL SNAPPING 23-03-2017 All programs In this event students were asked to take selfies with the product which they decided as their product for doing digital marketing and on 27th March they were asked to give powerpoint presentation explaining why they choose that product and what techniques they’ll be using for the digital marketing. Participants were asked to bring their products of their own choice.
DIGI MANIA 28-09-2016 All Programs Main objective of this event was to extract latent creativity of students in the form of making advertisement of a product. In this particular event students were required to make whole body copy of a product given on spot. Main theme of the event was FMCG goods. Students got enough time to increase shares and likes of advertisement created by them on various social sites.

Faculty / Student Coordinators
Faculty Co-ordinator:Dr. Kumar Saurav
PresidentMr. Devansh Gill
Vice President Mr. Nitin Sharma
Secretary Ms. Anukriti Ruhela
Joint Secretary Ms. Batool Zehra Ali
Public Relation Executive Mr. Abhishek Goswami
Content Writer Mr. Anuvrat Verma
Logistics Mr. Sumit Kumar
Social Media Excutive Mr. Rishabh Golcha
Mr. Vageesh Pandey
Mr. Adrash Mandal
Associate Public Relation Executive Mr. Vishal Tyagi
MembersMr. Sudhanshu Singh
Mr. Anmol Guota
Mr. Arpit kansal
Mr. Rohit kumar Shah
Mr. Aarushi Mehra