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news Topic INVENT 2023
Date & Day 13th October, 2023

Event Name: INVENT 2023

Date & Day: 13thOctober2023

Faculty: Prof. Neeru Saxena, Prof. Surya Saxena, Prof. Shikha Tiwari

For: Inter-Institutional Technical Fest

Topic: INVENT-2023

Event Timing:10:00 AM onwards

Number of Students: 450+

Venue : Mini Auditorium

INVENT-2023 An Annual Inter-Institutional Technical Fest has witnessed a jam-packed computer-buffoons to compete, starve and excel from others was organized by School of Computer Science of IMS,Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) on 13th  Oct 2023. Total 350+ participants from Ryan International Institute, Ghaziabad, Xt. Xavior  School, Amity University, Greater Noida, Galgotia University Greater Noida, ABES Engineering College, Janki Devi Memorial College (Delhi University, RCCV College Ghaziabad, Delhi World School Greater Noida, Ingrahm Institute Ghaziabad, VLMG College Ghaziabad, IPEM Ghaziabad,   and many more were present at the inaugural session. The event was inaugurated with the showering of petals on Goddess Sarsawati through ceremony dignitaries. The guest of honour Mr. Anant Agarwal, Director, Skill Oxide IT Private Ltd.  who had described the importance of such kind of technical fest and how these events are helpful in improving their technical and innovative skills. Mr. Agarwal also describe the importance of self motivation which is always be required in any field of life.  INVENT-2023 is specifically intended for students to test their knowledge and skills by participating in various IT events which not only provide academic excellence but also helps in redefining their personality. There were 4 events   

Blind Coding  : Participant has to showcase their knowledge of any of the programming skills to solve the problem given at the spot by keeping their monitors off. 

IT Rangoli : The event is a theme based Rangoli Creation based on innovative ideas on the topic provided at the time of registration..   

IT Quiz : The event consist of 2 rounds where knowledge testing will be done on the basis of IT related questions. 

LAN Gaming: Participant has to showcase their gaming skills. Team consist of 4 members from the same institute/college.

All the events purely justified the underlying spirit of Invent "Technology is Fun". The trophies and certificates were announced in the Velidictory ceremony. The winners of the events were 

IT QUIZ  : Ist Prize : Abhishek Sharma (JIMS/DIHE) & Rajdeep Yadav (ABES Eng College)   IInd Prize : Priyanshu Yadav (IMS UC) & Anshu (JIMS/DIHE) III Prize : Shewta Papnai (IMS UC) & Sonal Yadav (VMLG)


IT RANGOLI : Ist Prize : Hriteek Kumar Singh, Lavdeep Bansal, Purvanshi Sharma, Aditya Singh (Ingraham School) II Prize : Vedansh Wahi, Vashnavi Mohan, Samanvay Srivastava (Ryan International School)  III Prize : Vaidhi Sharma, Manvi Teotia, Ishika Gupta (Ryan International School)  


Blind Coding  : Ist Prize :Divyansh Attrish Ch. Chabil Das Public School II Prize :Raghav Srvastava Ryan Internation School  III Prize : Tanya Dubey, Delhi World Public School


LAN Gaming : Free Fire : Ist Prize : Sarthak Bhardwaj, Utkarsh Badhouria, Jatin Saini, Naman Tyagi (IMS UC) II Prize : Vishu, Priyanshu Dwivedi, Prashant Tanwar, Pranay Kashyap (HITECH) III Prize : Dhairya Tomar, Utkarsh Mishra, Aditya Garg, Ayush Tomar (St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School)


BGMI : I Prize: Saket Abhishek, Himanshu Rai, Moh. Hasan, Abhishek Dubey (ABES EC) 

II Prize: Ayaz Khan, Moh. Faiz, Husaif Malik, Moh. Owaes (St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School) III Prize: Anant Sharma, Atharv Rajvanshi, Saksham, Vedant Rawat (Delhi `World Public School)


All the participants were with full of enthusiasm and excitement.  


Learning Outcome :

  • Develop Problem Solving Skills, Sequential and computational thinking skills
  • Develop the creative and innovative skills in designing 
  • Enhancing knowledge of IT field and develop healthy skills for competition