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news Topic MARKFEST
Date & Day 20th October, 2023

Event Name: MARKFEST

Date/Day: 20 October 2023, Friday

Guest Name: Mr. Prasun Kumar & Dr. Prakash Singh

Designation/Organization: CMO & Professor respectively

Topic: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Scheduled Timing: 9:00

Number of Students: 1000+





**MARKFEST 2023:

A Grand Triumph of Marketing Excellence**



MarkFest 2023, the 17th Inter-institutional Marketing Carnival, was an extraordinary celebration of marketing held at the revered IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus. This event was intricately designed to delve into the dynamic world of marketing, converging students, distinguished faculty, and seasoned industry professionals for a day replete with immersive activities and enlightening dialogues, all orbiting the nucleus of this indispensable facet of the business realm.


*Inaugural Address*


The proceedings commenced with an enthralling inaugural address, orchestrated by our eloquent hosts, Unnati Gupta and Vivaan Shah. Their eloquent discourse set the stage for the day, underscoring the pivotal role of marketing across the breadth of our existence. Marketing was poetically portrayed as not merely the art of selling products but as the transformative force uniting businesses with their audiences, nurturing innovation, fostering competition, and perfecting the art of storytelling.


*Guests of Honour*


This magnificent event was graced by the presence of illustrious guests, bestowing their profound wisdom and vast experience. Mr. Prasun Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer and Business Head of Just Dial, generously shared his wellspring of insights garnered through years in the marketing industry. Dr. Prakash Singh, a revered professor from IIM Lucknow, gifted invaluable perspectives. Mr. Vinayak Kumar Lal, the General Manager of Marketing at DS Group, illuminated the audience with the rich tapestry of his journey in sales and marketing. The event took place in the presence of CA RAKESH CHHARIA sir and our respected Director Sir, Dr. ARUN KUMAR SINGH.



*MarkFest 2023: The Epitome of Creativity*


MarkFest 2023 was heralded as a carnival of creativity and a showcase of marketing brilliance, boasting participation from more than 75 distinguished colleges, among them celebrated institutions such as the IIMs and FMS. Our report illuminated the diverse array of events, each an alchemical crucible of creativity and competition:


  •  **AdMingle**:

    • *Coordinators*: Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh and Ms. Riddhi Bathla
    • *Winners*:
      • Third Prize: Ayush and team from IMSUC
      • Second Prize: Aman and team from Tecnia Institute of Advance
      • First Prize: Rishabh Srivastava and team from IMSUC


  • **Bollywood Funda**:

    • *Coordinators*: Mr. Bharat Gahlot, Mr. Manish Kumar, Mr. Mayank Pandey, and Mr. Pawan Kumar 
    • *Winners*:
      • Third Prize: Diya, Apoorva, and Shivam from IMSUC
      • Second Prize: Mansi, Disha, Ayush, Kushagra, and Vansh from IMSUC
      • First Prize: Mudita, Kartik, and Rahul from IMSUC


  • **Dress the Brand**:

    • *Coordinator*: Mrs. Neetika
    • *Winners*:
      • Third Prize: Farhan from IMSUC
      • Second Prize: Shreya from ITS
      • First Prize: Shobik from IMSUC


  • **Design and Refresh**:

    • *Coordinator*: Mr. Mayank Pandey
    • *Winners*:
      • Third Prize: Vanshika and Aadhya from IMSUC
      • Second Prize: Deepanshi and Chhavi from IMSUC
      • First Prize: Paridhi Sharma and Sanchit from IMSUC


  • **Marketing Podium**:

    • *Coordinator*: Dr. Komal Kapoor
    • *Winners*:
      • Third Prize: Kritika Jain from IMSUC
      • Second Prize: Anandita from IMSUC
      • First Prize: Nirmal Sharma from IMSUC
  • **Band War**:

    • *Coordinator*: Mrs. Riddhika Chatterjee
    • *Winners*:
      • Second Prize: Anurag and team
      • First Prize: Devansh and team from KIET
  • **Meme Land**:

    • *Coordinators*: Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh and Ms. Riddhi Bathla
    • *Winners*:
      • Third Prize: Sameem from GNOIT
      • Second Prize: Soumya from IMSUC
      • First Prize: Krishna from Modern College


*VALEDICTORY: A Glimpse Towards the Future*


As the report drew to its majestic close, it cast a hopeful gaze upon the future, envisioning a time enriched with unparalleled learning experiences and indelible memories. The inauguration of the food vista signaled the dawn of the festival and, simultaneously, the denouement of the inaugural ceremony. All the Faculty heads namely: Dr. PAWAN KUMAR, DR. MAYANK PANDEY, MR. BHARAT GAHLOT AND MR. MANISH KUMAR were felicitated by the HOD of School of Management ,                         

Dr. Pooja Rastogi Ma’am.

In essence, MarkFest 2023 emerged as an unequivocal triumph, a glorious ode to the art of marketing, imparting priceless knowledge, profound insights, and treasured memories to all who participated. With bated breath, we eagerly anticipate the advent of yet another year, dedicated to the celebration of the boundless dimensions of marketing in all its grandeur.