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news Topic Women Empowerment Program
Date & Day 25th October, 2023

Event Name: Women Empowerment  Program

Date/Day: 25/10/2023, Wednesday

Guest Name: Mr. Satyendra Narayan

Mr. Aadil Yusuf


Relationship Manager

Trainer (AI)

Topic: Certificate Course on Artificial Intelligence

Scheduled Timing: 10:30 AM Onwards

Number of Students: 60

Venue: Mini Auditorium


Summary of the event- 

School of computer science of IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized the Women Empowerment Program on “Certification Course on Artificial Intelligence” for 100 hours. From 5/10/2023 to 27/10/2023 in collaboration with ICT-Academy –Honeywell. The Certification course was done under the MOU signed with ICT Academy. The program aimed to provide girls students with a comprehensive understanding  of the rapidly evolving domains of artificial intelligence (AI).

The event encompassed a wide array of enriching activities that catered to the diverse learning needs of the participants. Distinguished faculty member Mr. Aadil Yusuf from  Honeywell   delivered insightful lectures on Artificial Intelligence which was not limiting to theoretical lectures. These sessions had provided them with valuable insights into practical applications. The certification course on AI received enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from attendees. Participants reported improved technical skills, a deeper understanding of AI   concepts, and increased confidence in leveraging AI techniques. The program effectively bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

A collaborative effort between IMS Ghaziabad and ICT Academy provided a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for students. By combining expert insights, practical Sessions the program successfully empowered participants to excel in the dynamic and impactful field of Artificial Intelligence. Every student will get a certificate of completion in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


 Learning Outcome:

  • In-depth Understanding of  AI.
  • Application of AI Techniques in Real Scenarios.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills.