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MIB Students participated in Yukti-2018 "The Management Fest" organized by Galgotia University


About Event
Yukti-2018, was an annual management fest organized by School of Business, Galgotias University, Greater Noida. Yukti aimed to provide a global level platform that not only entertains and educate students but also provide opportunity to test their mettle alongside element industry experts. Yukti- 2018 was a complete management and entertainment package for creativity, learning and entertainment with a good media coverage. It was held on 24th and 25th October, 2018 at Galgotias Premises, Noida. The students of Institute of Management Studies(IMS) pursuing Master's degree on International Business(MIB) program were also part of Yukti-2018 fest on day one i.e 24th October, 2018.Out of many activities organized on day one at Yukti -2018 fest, the students from IMS- MIB participated on four activities- Treasure hunt, Beer Pong, Business Debate, Mock Interview and Photography Session.

Treasure Hunt:
There were altogether four clues dispersed around college premises. Here, Participants` need to solve the given clues one after another and clinch the final clue to win the game. All the 8 participants from IMS-MIB were part of this game.

Beer Pong:
Here, there are paper cups set on both sides of a table. One team each of two participants sit at the opposite two sides of the table. Then, one team should throw ping pong ball on the cup of other team. If they succeed, the other team need to drink the cold drink from the cup in front of them. The team to get the ball inside the cup enters into the next round. Out of 8 participants, six participants participated in this game.

Business Debate:
Business debate is a contest where the public speaking and reasoning skills of contenders were examined. Here, each contender was given a topic related to business environment and 5 minutes' time to give their respective view over the topic. Based on the arguments and facts the contenders were judged and ranked. Two participants participated as contenders from IMS- MIB.

Mock Interview:
Here, there was one-to-one interview where an interviewer asked questions with interviewee/ participant. Different aspect of professional life such as dressing sense, body language and gesture, Communication skills and other skills were judged by the interviewer via bundles of questions and answer round with the interviewe.

Photography Session:
Here, the photographs were to be taken on management skills which the participant observe within the event or in college premises. Each participant was given deadline till 5 pm and had to submit around 10 photos regarding the same via email. The procedure for evaluation was done on the basis of the quality of photograph taken from DSLR, and how well participants could elaborate the management skill through those pictures. The registration charge for the session was for Rs 80. One participants from IMS-MIB took part in this session.

Learning/ Outcomes
The Learning/ Outcome of the fest were:
1. Relationship build up & enhancement of networking.
2. Acquired event management and mass handling skills.
3. Insight learning about importance of time management.
4. Importance of team work and collaboration.
5. Learnt to hold nerves and calmness during stress to take prompt decision.