Essential Skills for Thriving in Your MIB Career: Masters in International Business in India

International business studies has grown exponentially in the country, especially over the last decade. This emerging sector managed to attract the eyes of several students. This is why international business studies is such a highly competitive environment, both professionally and academically. These days, it’s common to see students applying for this major. However, it takes a lot to excel in this line of work. Students are required to develop various skills to maximise their chances of succeeding in this industry. These skills aren’t just helpful but crucial and are also vouched by some of the most successful people in the industry. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind.

Skill Set For International Business Studies

Just like any other industry, succeeding in this one requires students to develop and hone a certain set of skills. It’s these skills that will help them stand out from the pack. This might be easier said than done, but students who know which skills to work on beforehand have an edge over other students.

  • Networking: For most people in the industry, networking is considered to be the most important skill needed to excel in international business studies. Even teachers from renowned institutes constantly heed the importance of networking with students who want to apply for a master's in international business in India. This is because it’s a highly competitive industry, and developing connections in the industry opens you up to new and exciting potential business opportunities. It’s also been estimated that around 80% of jobs these days are landed via networking. This is an eye-opening statistic and is a testament to the importance of this skill in the international business industry.

  • Multicultural Communication Skills: This isn’t discussed often, but it should be. Working in this industry will open you up to working with diverse communities of people. This allows students to gain a deeper sense of understanding of foreign cultures. It’s important to assimilate with these diverse groups of people. This is because communicating with distinct  people is a requirement in this industry. Some of the most successful people in the industry are the ones who dedicated time to developing their multicultural communication skills. It takes sensitivity, respect, and diplomacy to thrive in this industry. Most Institutes even discuss the importance of this in various lectures and workshops.

  • Collaboration: Even some of the best MBA colleges in India will constantly vouch for the importance of collaboration in this line of work. International business can get complicated, mostly because it’s an industry that rewards personal growth but also requires a group effort to succeed. It can get quite unnerving to let somebody else take the lead. However, humility goes a long way in this industry, and a group with a shared goal working cohesively together is a force to be reckoned with. Collaborating with a plethora of people also allows you to not only learn about your teammates but also learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Communication and Influencing: Another skill a lot of people need to work on is interpersonal influence, or the ability to influence the people around you. Although this isn’t something that’s taught at a collegiate level, some of the best MBA colleges in India provide ample opportunities for students to develop this skill. Leadership is one of the most sought-after traits in this industry, and the way to become a leader is by working on your interpersonal influence. This allows you to express your ideas to a larger number of people and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Some of the most successful industry leaders of today are also known as very influential individuals.

  • Adaptability: An industry like international businesses comes with a huge list of complications to deal with. This is what ultimately tests the mettle of the people who work in this industry. It’s also a good indicator of how successful you can be in this industry. This is why it’s so important to be adaptable in new and changing environments, especially in corporate. Even some of the most successful businessmen can vouch for this. Owners of successful conglomerates like Jeff Bezos can also attest to this.


This is a line of work that’s set to take off soon, especially because of so many students applying for a master’s in international business. However, it takes a lot to succeed in this industry, and it’s important to constantly work on yourself and develop a skill set that lets you achieve everything this industry has to offer. Fortunately, Institutes like IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) meticulously plan out their lesson plans with courses and programs that are sure to help several students exceed their potential.