Best BCA College in Delhi NCR: BCA Courses, Placements

IMS Ghaziabad is one of the best colleges for BCA in Delhi NCR, offering a 3-year BCA course affiliated with the CCS University, Meerut with 240 seats. The curriculum is spread over six semesters providing academic insights and practical exposure to the budding technocrats. The institute offers great infrastructure and an excellent IT environment with well-equipped computer labs consisting of the latest microprocessor-based computers and updated software for the academic and intellectual growth of the students. IMS Ghaziabad always endeavors to provide the best to its students pursuing the BCA program and is thus considered one of the top BCA colleges in North India.

The BCA course is strategically divided into four areas namely problem solving & logic building, core computing technologies, project work for practical learning and personality enhancement.Our association with IIT Kanpur, IBM CSR Box Foundation , Edu Skills, Computer Society of India (CSI), Pinaki IT Consultant Pvt Ltd, Jishu Excellence Pvt Ltd. And thus, we are able to provide great on-campus BCA placements in top companies. This BCA program at IMS Ghaziabad empowers the holistic development of the students by providing internationally benchmarked teaching systems through the highly qualified intellectual and research-oriented community.

Key Differentiators

33 years



Placement &
Live Projects

  • BCA is a 3-year - full time professional undergraduate program affiliated with the CCS University, Meerut
  • Focuses on holistic development of the students by emphasizing experiential learning, and design thinking while sharpening their abilities through various internship opportunities, course assignments and other industry-driven live projects
  • Equipped with an in-depth understanding of IT fundamentals & practices coupled with industry exposure
  • IMS Ghaziabad, being one of the best colleges for BCA in Delhi NCR, offers great infrastructure and an excellent IT environment with well-equipped computer labs consisting of the latest microprocessor-based computers and updated software for the academic and intellectual growth of the students.
  • Lays emphasis on creating an impeccable foundation by rendering specialization courses in domains namely Cyber Security & Real-World Computing, Android & Web-Based Computing, Data Analytics, Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence
  • Success stories of alumni holding prestigious positions in industry and academia are a testimony to the untiring efforts of the Institute. The BCA placements have always been excellent at IMS Ghaziabad, North India.

With legacy of sustainable efforts,the institute has received great applause from various panels of leading organizations and at the same time is recipient of various awards & accolades.

We are ranked as:
  • Best BCA Institute in North India - 2020 Asia Pacific Education and Technology Awards
  • Best Institute for Industry Linked in India - 2019 by Integrated Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Best BCA Institute in North India-2019' awarded by Asia Pacific Education and Technology Awards
  • 'Best in Innovation in Learning-2018' awarded by CIAC Global
  • 'Best BCA College in North India - 2018' awarded by CEGR
  • Ranked No. 1 in U.P. & Uttarakhand by Times B School 2018 Survey
  • 'Best BCA Institute in Northern India-2017' awarded by CEGR
  • Ranked No. 8th in India


The program follows the European Pedagogy Adapted Model which emphasizes the concepts of classroom teaching supplemented with flip classes, lab assessment, guest lectures, project-based learning, workshops, and personality enhancement modules by domain expert faculty and industry wizards. IT and programming principles enable the students to think logically and develop good programming skills. Exposure to the real IT world sharpens students' decision-making abilities and provides the best feasible innovative solutions. Live projects, summer internships, and 100% placement assistance are an active part of the industry-academia interface making IMS Ghaziabad the best BCA college in Delhi NCR.


To abreast the students of the latest developments of the corporate arena and provide them with a platform to hone their skills, we offer one diploma in Data Science and specialization certification in 4 domains that have great industrial demand namely Cyber Security with Real World Computing, Adroid and Web Based Computing, IoT with Machine Learning and AI & ML. These top specialization courses aim at concept building and help to bridge the gap between corporate & academia. Taking the cues from our recruiters, we also offer several short-term super specialization modules & value-added courses which make them employable and competent in the industry. And allow the students to grab the best BCA placements from the best companies.

Results / Merit holders:

Since its inception, the BCA program is consistent in producing University Toppers. With the endeavour to impart quality education, we have strived & succeeded in giving 100% results and have grown the learning sphere with multiple folds. Thus, students always give preference to IMS Ghaziabad for BCA courses.

3 Tier Mentoring Program:

Students are given the opportunity to understand professional dimensions by interacting & seeking guidance from their faculty mentors, Industry Experts and Alumni of the Campus. This traditional' academic initiative of the institute helps the students to break the shackles and unleash their true potential.

Corporate Connect:

Career Resource Centre-CRC serves as a catalyst to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The team strives to strike a match between corporate expectations and student aspirations. The centre supports all the processes dealing with international & national placements, internships, live projects, workshops, industry interaction, and corporate visits.

Personality Development & Grooming:

We nurture the students in all the areas related to career trajectory and personality enhancement. With a well-established Career Development Centre (CDC), we aim to accentuate student's ability to transcend into paragons of efficiency, who can map up to the corporate and society expectations. Students are also benefited by individual counselling sessions and psychometric personality assessments which provide a powerful framework for driving positive change, harness innovation and achieve excellence.

Student-driven Clubs:

Number of student-driven clubsempower the students and provide them with opportunity to witness experiential learning. The practical exposure gained by the student not only enhances the overall personality but also provides the platform to learn management practically. These clubs provide a forum to our students to hone and showcase their multidimensional skills.


Our successful track record of BCA placements are testimony to the spectra of the industry exposure provided to the students. Our robust industry-academia interface strives to fit the right talent to the right place. Students have been placed in top-notch IT brands like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini and Deloitte etc.

Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year professional undergraduate course in Information Technology, for which the minimum eligibility is class 12th from a recognized educational board with a specified score as per the university norms. The course is divided into six semesters with a perfect mix of subjects enlisted by the university curriculum, topped by specialization and value-added courses.

  • University Curriculum
  • Value Added Courses
  • Specialization Course Curriculum
  • Super Specialization Curriculum
BCA-101 Mathematics I BCA-201 Mathematics II
BCA-102 Programming Principle & Algorithm BCA-202 C Programming
BCA-103 Computer Fundamental & Office Automation BCA-203 Organization Behavior
BCA-104 Principle Of Management BCA-204 Digital Electronics & Computer Organization
BCA-106 Business Communication BCA-205 Financial Accounting & Management
BCA-105P Computer Laboratory And Practical Work Of Office Automation BCA-206P Computer Laboratory And Practical Work Of C Programming
BCA-107P Computer Laboratory & Practical Work Of C Programming    
008 EVS    
BCA-301 Object Oriented Programming Using C++ BCA-401 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application
BCA-302 Data Structure Using C & C++ BCA-402 Operating System
303 Human Resource Management 403 Production Management
BCA-303 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language BCA-403 Software Engineering
BCA-304 Business Economics BCA-404 Optimization Techniques
BCA-305 Elements Of Statistics BCA-405 Mathematics-III
BCA-306P Computer Laboratory And Practical Work Of OOPS BCA-406P Computer Laboratory And Practical Work Of CGMA
BCA-307P Computer Laboratory And Practical Work Of DS    
BCA-501 Introduction To DBMS BCA-601 Computer Network Security
BCA-502 JAVA Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design BCA-602 Information System: Analysis Design & Implementation
BCA-503 Computer Network BCA-603 E-Commerce
BCA-504 Numerical Methods BCA-604 Knowledge Management
BCA-505P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work Of DBMS BCA-605P Major Project
BCA-506P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work af Java Programming & Dynamic Webpage Design BCA-606P Presentation/Seminar Based on Major Project
BCA-507P Minor Projects    
BCA-508P Viva-Voice on Summer Training    

To enhance the soft skills and employability skills of the students, we offer value-added modules from the commencement of the 1st semester in line with the university course curriculum. With a well-established Career Development Center, we design a comprehensive module that extensively works on students' overall grooming, personality and soft skills.

1st Semester 2nd Semester
PDP 1.1 Self-Discovery PDP 1.2 Grooming & Communication Etiquette
3rd Semester
4th Semester
PDP 2.1 Attitude Building PDP 2.2 Professional Communication
5th Semester 6th Semester
PDP 3.1 Employability Preparation Module, Level 1 PDP 3.2 Employability Preparation Module, Level 2

BCA program constantly strives to provide the latest and the best to its students in form of domain specialization in pursuit of developing competent global IT professionals and to bridge the gap between corporate expectations and academics.There are 5 areas namely Cyber Security &Real-World Computing, Android & Web Based Computing, Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and each of the following diploma courses is spread over four semesters. Students choose one specialization stream out of offered three courses at the onset of the third semester. In the sixth semester, they choose one option from the super specialization basket.

The dedicated CDC Team provides career counselling based on scientific psychometric profiling of the students for opting the specialization that matches their personality and skill set of students.The Institute also organizes a sensitization program wherein the corporate experts from varied domains talk about the recent trends, scope and global outlook of each specialization.

Cyber Security with Real World Cloud Computing:

With the advent of technology in this epoch, cyber security has emerged as the need of the hour. With cyber threats looming large and cybercrime predicted to cost the world in trillions by 2021, it's no wonder that cyber security professionals are a hot commodity making them high in demand. This specialization attracts many because of its following key features:

Future is digital: It will increasingly become an important part of the most industries. With doorsopen both private or public sector.

With the advent of technology in this epoch, cyber security has emerged as the need of the hour. With cyber threats looming large and cybercrime predicted to cost the world in trillions by 2021, it's no wonder that cyber security professionals are a hot commodity making them high in demand. This specialization attracts many because of its following key features:

Future is digital: It will increasingly become an important part of the most industries. With doorsopen both private or public sector.

Diversity: Cyber security keeps on evolving, just as the rest of the tech world does, which means that new roles will emerge while old roles will gradually evolve to encompass new skills.

Emoluments: Since the talent gap is so large, companies are offering competitive salaries to entice their prospective candidates.

This module provides an in-depth understanding of the major areas of computer security like network security, cloud security, application security and system infrastructure. Modules on Network simulation, Linux & its administration, CCNA etc. are thoroughly taught to make students technically sound and competent.

Thus, students get a first-hand exposure to work for live projects and learn intricacies of cyber security. Various workshops are regularly organized to provide them strong technical base in this specialization domain. The ultimate objective is to nurture forward-thinking IT professionals who will be a value addition to the organizations they will work in and would aspire to give their new insights in pursuit of growth trajectory.

Android & Web Based Computing:

With over billions of people around the world using handheld devices and accessing a world full of information at their fingertips, Android & Web based Computing has become one of the most essential pillars in this technological era. Students who are obsessed with the mobile and web development may opt to have this specialization in which they could learn a comprehensive range of topics like website creation, website designing and mobile applications, Core Java, SQL, PHP with MYSQL, Java Script / Angular JS, CPMA etc.

The curriculum prepares one to gain great insights into this field and enable them to succeed within it while meeting the needs of the rapidly changing environment. It is constantly improvised in terms of content and pedagogical practices keeping latest technological developments in mind. Number of workshops by industry experts and activities organized in clubs provide a platform to the students to hone their technical skills and showcase their talent. The main objective is to providetechnically sound IT technocrats to the nation who can contribute by taking the existing technology to the next level and make their own niche in the industry.

Internet of Things

In this world of science and technology, Internet has become indispensable part of lives. IOT has set a new wave of connectivity beyond laptops and systems like smart cars, smart homes, watches, healthcare equipment and even smart cities!IOT with its strong foothold has become one of the most sought-after diploma course in this tech era. Students with great vision and knack of innovation may opt for this specialization. The specialization aims to identify budding technocrats and innovative minds who have great potential in visualizing the automated way of living in upcoming years. Studentslearn various techniques and fundamentals that help them togain in-depth understanding of various concepts and languages like Python, Node JS, Data Analytics, Machine learningetc.

The specialization enables the students to get good hold of the programming languages and learn how to work on networking, coding and sensors, connecting devices to make the work and lives more comfortable. A unique tailor-made curriculum helps the students to equip themselves with the knowledge of modern IOT concepts and practices and enables them to meet the new era challenges and seize emerging opportunities. Moreover, regular guest lectures and workshops conducted by industry honchos helps them to develop and further hone their skills.

AI & ML.

As the world is gearing up towards digital and high-technological system innovation, Artificial Intelligence has become a corequisite to contribute towards the higher efficiency and performances of the businesses by better monitoring and managing business processes. Students with vision of transforming the way and purpose of life and work through automation may opt for this promising specialization. The well-designed curriculum of the diploma will enable the students to equip themselves with the in-depth knowledge of fundamentals of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Students will acquire ability to explain and apply key ideas in artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they are being used in the industry.Students get to work on various technologies like Python, Machine Learning, Quantative Aptitude, Neural Networks, Analytical and Logical Reasoning etc. With great guidance of learned experts and tech honchos, students get regular opportunities of learning the latest developments in this field. The ultimate objective is to develop AI experts who can lead the digital transformationsby leveraging the power of AI in the industry and provide their new perspicacity in pursuit of business growth.

  3rd Semester 4th Semester 5th Semester 6th Semester
S-1:Cyber Security with Real World Cloud Computing Network Simulation CCNA Cyber Security Project
Linux Basic Linux Administration One Elective
S-2: Android & Web Based Computing Core Java PHP with MYSQL Cross Platform for Mobile App Development(CPMA) Project
Basic SQL Java Script / Angular JS One Elective
S-3: Internet of Things Programming in Python Data Analytics with Python Internet of Things Project
Node JS IOT Basics One Elective
S-4: AI & ML Programming in Python Data Analytics with Python Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence(AI) with Python Project
Maths (Alzebra, Trigonometry, Statistics) Neural Networks with MAT Lab One Elective

The Super Specialization is offered in the third year of the graduation program to further enhance the learning of students in the following areas

  • Blockchain
  • Devops
  • S/W Testing
  • C# with Dot Net
  • Oracle DBA

Which gives them an edge over others in this highly competitive and volatile business environment.Taking the cues from our recruiters the curriculum is intricately designed to specifically meet the industry expectations.The objective of these electives is to develop technical competencies in the students so that they could meet the industry demands effectively and efficiently.

The curriculum consisting of experiential aspects such as Flip classes , ERP driven modules, emphasis on research, case-based practical learning, personality enhancement and strong corporate interfaces such as guest lectures, workshops and live projects focuses on making a candidate readily employable. Several other Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities are also arranged along with teaching to implement Outcome Based Education (OBE).OBE is implemented to develop knowledge, designing learning tasks and assessing the achievement of students. The modern case-based approach helps to build a real business scenario within the class so that students absorb facts and theories, at the same time apply leadership skills, amidst real-life like business situations.

BCA is a stepping stone to high-value postgraduate courses in IT and management streams like MCA, MIB, MIM, MBA, PGDM and many more. After completing the BCA program the students have the option of joining the IT sector as Web Developers, Software Engineers, Network Administrator, Data Scientist and Software Testing executives, etc. A plethora of opportunities are also available in the government sector such as EDP & ERP officer, computer programmers, system & network administrator. Students have options available for technical positions in India and abroad.

IT sector:
  • Web Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Testing Executive
  • Technical Support Executive
  • Data Scientist
Government Sector:
  • Banking
  • EDP officer
  • System/Network Administrator
  • ERP officer

Our intellectual community consists of eminent, dedicated and highly experienced faculty mentors renowned for having rich academic & corporate experience and possessing high standards of moral and ethical values.This makes the program academically more effective and vibrant

Presented & Published Papers in National & International Journals

Engage and Develop Millennials through ICT

Focus on Continous Self- Enhancement

Incisive acumen in facilitating student connect as Mentors

Rich Corporate and Academic Experience

View Link: core-faculty-it.php

Career Resource Centre-CRC serves as a catalyst to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The team strives to strike a match between corporate expectations and student aspirations. The centre supports all the processes dealing with international & national placements, internships, live projects, workshops, industry interaction, and corporate visits. Various initiatives like Industry Expectation Program is planned to enrich the students with real business scenarios. CRC student coordinators also participate actively to ensure compliance with numerous policies. Thousands of IMS alumni are working in top organizations across the globe and have proved their mettle in leadership positions. Our successful track record of placements are testaments to the quality of our students' pool and the robustness of our academia industry interface.

The placement process is transparent and commences by inviting the leading companies from all sectors into the IMS portals, where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire recruitment process. The entire process is governed by the student's ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry.

Association with Computer Society of India (CSI), Amazing Training Basket, APPWARS Technologies Training Development Consultancy, CEBS Worldwide, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Red Hat polishes the technical skills of the technocrats to manage the competitive squeeze. The faculty members prepare the students effectively for meeting the key requirement of the fast-developing IT/Software industry. Students are able to attain multiple jobs offers in leading IT giants such as TCS, Infosys, WIPRO, Capgemini and Deloitte.

As a team, we thrive on the philosophy of innovation and evolution in quality and contemporary education for adding value to the professional life of the students. Thus. the placement activities are further supplemented through business expert interactions, live projects, summer internships and special industry guided visits.

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Professional development cannot be effectively witnessed following the theoretical approach in the academic environment. These facets can only be learned experientially through direct, on-the-job experience working with successful professionals and experts in the field.

Following the pragmatic approach, the institute provides internship opportunities to the students so that they can get industry exposure and learn themselves by having hands-on experience.

The educational process in the internship course & live projects seeks out and focuses attention on many latent attributes, which do not surface in the normal classroom situations. These attributes are intellectual ability, professional judgment and decision making ability, inter-disciplinary approach, skills for data handling, ability in written and oral presentation, sense of responsibility etc.

At BCA program, Summer Internship of 6-8 weeks is a mandatory part of the academic curriculum. Also, students are sent on various live projects in various organizations of repute entailing Red Hat Linux, Hewelett Packard Enterprise,CEBS Worldwide Noida,Future Group, Infotachus Private Limited, APPWARS Technologies Noida, Amazing Training Basket, PICS, IMSUC-GMA Collaboration etc.

BCA alumni are holding prestigious positions across the globe and have won numerous accolades for their IT and Technical acumen. We nurture and foster symbiotic relationships by interacting with people across the industry. Corporate head-honchos as well as doyens from the academia are invited to share their valuable insights from their rich experience about contemporary business issues, varied industry practices and major business developments.

These guest lectures serve as a valuable means of interaction between students and practitioners and have helped in building mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships with the corporate sector.

Corporate & Alumni Talk Series from Eminent Experts from organizational giants like Apple, Samsung, L&T, NTPC, Amazon, Nestle Dabur and TED Speakers are some of the success factors.

Industrial visits are an integral part of BCA program, during which students visit various companies and sharpen their skills and gain valuable insights on the internal working environment and work culture of the organization. Moreover, as innovation transitions from academia to industry, these industrial visits focus on preparing the students to learn about the day-to-day workings of a particular industry and understand the fundamentals of IT operations and related fields. The visit also helps the students to get the hang of the current IT practices followed by the organizations and acquire traits that the industry demands from them. Some of the visits that students have undertaken in major organizations entails- Training Basket, MCN Solutions, BSNL, HCL, etc.

Guest lectures & Workshops are a regular feature and an integral part of the pedagogy of IMS. Corporate head-honchos as well as doyens from the academia are invited to share their valuable insights and conduct lectures from their rich experience. The workshops provide hands-on experience to the students and help them to not only learn various industrial concepts pragmatically but also makes themaware of the contemporary IT business issues, the challenges and combating techniques of the same adopted by diverse organizations.

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Campus life at BCA is zestful and active with a myriad of students' clubs and committees. The program emphasizes on activities that enable the students to grab opportunities for their holistic development. To inculcate the habit of organizing and managing the professional events directly, the program offers 21 student driven clubs in the campus.

These clubs provide a conducive and out-of-the-classroom learning environment promoting the creative bent and inventive thinking which cultivates and nurtures their talents and leadership capabilities. It grooms them to be multi-skilled professionals actually executing several managerial tasks of the club which helps them to home their managerial and competitive skills in domains like - artistic, literary, sports and management, Networking, IT Applications etc to provide exposure of different domains.

Students are elected for various positions entailing President, Vice President, Secretary, and members through a rigorous election process conducted by the election committee. These elected students of various clubs organize & coordinate numerous simulation activities, events, games, quizzes, competitions and seminars at the Intra-Institute level which form the foundation of holistic development of the students' personality. They lead by example, by exhibiting integrity, impeccable work ethics and upholding morale of the clubs and events organized in the college.

During their journey, students learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback - and accept it. Through this community of learners, students find their path to leadership.

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IMS University Courses Campus, with 33 years of excellence, shares strong association and bond with over 30,000 alumni of the institute who are holding prestigious positions across the globe. Since its inception it has produced number of leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, academicians, and many more. Our alumni have not only created a niche for themselves in the corporate world but also served as our Brand Ambassadors' in the industry in the nation and abroad. In order to strengthen the fraternity bond between the alumni and existing students, the institute facilitates professional and personal networking by organizing various events like alumni reunions, coffee meets, cricket series tournament and other activities to let alumni relive their memories. The Alumni are also interested to serve their alma-mater to showcase their gratitude towards the institution. The Institute harness their presence for various activities that are beneficial for the students, college management and alumni in the form of:

Mentorship and Scholarships: Alumni helps the students by mentoring them in their areas of expertise and also contribute scholarships to deserving students.

Career Guidance: They also provide guidance to students in the form of corporate talks/Guest Lectures/CEO Talk series on the latest trends in the market and industry expectations from students.

Placements: Alumni help students get placed in their respective organizations and also involve them in Internships and Live-Projects.

Fund-raising: A strong alumni association also contributes towards various developmental activities of the institution.

Excursion Trips are organized every year to give domestic and international exposure to students where they witness new things, learn about new environment and involve themselves in an authentic experience. Students visited Dubai, Singapore, JIM Corbett National Park, Kingdom of Dreams that not only reduces the boredom of classroom lectures but give abundant memorable experience and thorough knowledge of various aspects in life. These trips contribute to the cognitive development of students where they foster a sense of enjoyment, teamwork and community leaving a long-lasting experience.

Eligibility for Admission:
  • Interested Candidates can obtain Application forms from Admission Office at IMS, Ghaziabad. Candidates can also fill the Online inquiry form by clicking on the following link:-
  • Registration Process starts from January 2023
  • Candidates seeking admission in BCA are required to meet the Admission Counselor in the Institute Premises.
  • Admission is confirmed on the basis of merit & interaction
  • Candidate having 2 or more Years gap after XII need to submit a Gap Year Certificate.
Documents required for Admission:
  • Photocopy of X & XII mark sheets (With Originals)
  • Photocopy of of Passing Certificates (With Original)
  • Photocopy of Migration Certificate (With Original)
  • 4 recent Passport size photographs
  • Gap Year Certificate (In case Gap of 2 or 2 years after XII)

Scholarships & Awards:

Scholarships & Awards under various categories are provided to the students. For details click here

Duration: 3 years Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent 


Candidates appearing for +2 examination or awaiting their results are also eligible to apply. Their candidature, however, shall be considered, subject to their clearing the qualifying examination.

Admission Process:

Candidates seeking admission to the BCA Programme must have passed 10+2 (or its equivalent) examination in any stream with a minimum of 45% marks for General and OBC candidates and pass marks for SC and ST candidates from a recognized Board/ University.


Candidates appearing for +2 examination or awaiting their results are also eligible to apply. Their candidature, however, shall be considered, subject to their clearing the qualifying examination.