Management Development Program (MDP) Cell

The MDP Cell at IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) is responsible for the planning, execution, and evaluation of Management Development Programs. This SOP outlines the systematic approach to ensure the effective functioning of the MDP Cell.
It has been formed to connect the corporates and trainers both and as a source and link-pin to provide quality training, development and consultancy for mutual benefits.
Our Values System for the Cell
Adhere by Transparency, Respect, Ownership & Mutual Motivation. Together we can.

Key Objectives
The primary goal of the MDP Cell is to provide valuable and high impact training & development programs to Corporates that align with their evolving needs and emerging trends in the market. Develop and enhance specific skills relevant to job roles & industry standards.
To identify training needs of corporates in terms of skills and provide impactful and high- quality training. (Internal and external trainer) for mutual benefit initiatives.
Consultancy Projects.
Continuous learning program. Long term collaboration.

This SOP applies to all the companies and white-collar employees.
The processes involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating training programs for companies outside the organization.
The Management Development Program (MDP) Cell at IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) is an initiative dedicated to enhancing professional development and skill-building opportunities for Corporates as in today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.
Our MDP Cell is well functional and it has been established with an objective to provide valuable and high-quality training & development programs to the organisations that align with their evolving needs. Cell plays a crucial role in building effective leadership, fostering a work culture of continuous learning and improvement, ensuring to equip the participants from the varied fields of organisations, with skills needed to navigate challenges at workplace and successfully meet the expectations.
The cell comprises experienced and seasoned members from various fields of expertise to further facilitate in successful working of the cell and conducting value addition MDPs.
The MDP Cell constitutes of-

  1. Dr. Deepali Monga- Head - MDP Cell
  2. Mr. Mayank Pandey-Chief Coordinator
  3. Dr. Sandhya Sharma- Member
  4. Dr. Tripti Singh- Member
  5. Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar- Member
We had the opportunity to add value to the workforce of companies like- Subros, Shriram Piston and Rings, ITC, RL Group, Indo Arab Air Services, Oman Air, GPP Smart Technology Solutions, REVENT, CIPL through our customized training modules having AI interventions and hands-on experience.

We are coming up with dynamic experiential training and development programs from diverse array as IT, AI, Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Organisational Behaviour, Biosciences, Mass Communication, Journalism, Spiritualism, etc.

By participating in our Management Development Programs, your organization will not only stay ahead of the competition but also cultivate a workforce that is highly skilled and adaptable to the ever-changing business landscape. Our expert trainers and thought leaders in these fields will guide your team through a transformative learning experience.