Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the world. We took the necessary steps to protect our students, faculty, administrative staff and the support staff. Then we began taking online classes. What could have been a loss of time and a major gap in the semester has been averted. Our faculty has enthusiastically adopted online classes and are doing the best they can.

IMS Ghaziabad has always been at the forefront of learning and teaching technology. We provide options for students to engage in different forms. Our faculty and students are interacting for learning and sharing like never before on the online platforms.

Live Classes

As COVID pandemic impacted across the world we have kept our students immune from COVID and also from loss of learning by moving to the online platforms for virtual classes. The students are regularly engaged in the virtual classes at the institute learning platforms. All the classes are an extension of physical classes with state of the art content and interactive pedagogy.

Flip resources

The institute also has a repository of over 1000 faculty videos on different topics for access during the times when live classes are not in progress.