Let’s Redefine Preparation

The book ‘Let’s Redefine Preparation’ is dedicated to all the aspirants who want to prepare effectively for job interviews. It comprises step by step ways of researching, preparing, and appearing for recruitment processes and grabbing the upcoming opportunities by relentless efforts, and dedication.

Three years ago, the Career Development Centre thought of writing ‘Lets Redefine Preparation’ to offer the most suitable steps to the job aspirants for getting through the placement rounds. We all knew that it will take much hard work, immense time, and efforts to settle into research and prepare the subject matter, with peculiar emphasis on corporate expectations.We are grateful to many people out there, who believed that this book can act as a catalyst for job seekers and prepare them by understanding the four Ws namely why, what, when, where, and one important H-How? The book is a team effort of authors, reviewers, editorial panelists, designers,and production specialists. We would also like to thank HR managers,corporate leaders, job seekers, faculty and students who read the drafts of thebook and provided valuable feed forward. This book would not be possible without the support and guidance of our mentor CA (Dr.) Rakesh Chharia, General Secretary, IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus. We thank him for his great ideas and thinking out of the box. Our colleagues who offered down to earth reality checks and provided all of us with great insights and suggestions also deserve special shout-outs. We must thank our students Jhalak Mittal and Animesh Ojha, for developing creatives by using their vivid imagination.The team of Bloomsbury was indispensable to the writing of this book,as they gave the initial ideas which later took the shape of chapters with clarity and analytical rigor. They offered worthy assistance for honing minute details by reading every draft of each chapter. Deep thanks to Ms. Komal Kapoor for generously reading our drafts and offering thoughts for further improvement. Indebted to all the people who have given us the opportunities and guidance over the course of our book progress and have encouraged us to believe in this project and nail the core ideas behind thebook.