Career Development Centre

Career Development Centre - CDC at IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) aims at 360-degree career development of the students, percolated through regular classes, workshops, enrichment series, mock drills, career guidance and counselings. The high-quality academic rigor integrated with a gruelling regime with globally trained CDC faculty catapults career launch and growth simultaneously. Psychometric personality assessments are also conducted to provide a powerful framework for driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence. These assessments help the students to know themselves better and identify the scope of improvements. To augment the basic set of competencies.

CDC conducts Personality Enhancement Program for postgraduate and undergraduate courses to enable the students to identify their latent skills, strengths and scope of improvement. Students are also benefited from individual counselling sessions in the areas related to career trajectory and personality enhancement. Thought leaders are invited regularly as resource people to the campus to make the students career-ready for the new age economy.

The objectives of CDC
  • Guide the students to create brand ‘I’.
  • Enable students to self-discover their traits and abilities.
  • Inculcate grooming practices and etiquette.
  • Enhance employability.
  • Provide career guidance for long term success.

Modus Operandi

Self Exploration

Identification of Key Attributes

Personality Development

Long Term Career Planning



CDC equips the students with modules focusing on personal and professional development. The series are well planned in order to provide a ready framework for understanding self and delivering the best. Even an entry-level position suitable for minimal skills is better filled by a compatible personality who exhibits potential and optimism. Since personality also entails knowing how to relate with others, how to communicate effectively, and even how to dress appropriately, it is therefore undoubtedly a crucial step in helping the students to climb the echelon of success. The modules are designed after taking into consideration the contemporary requirements and students’ expectations.

Career Pathway Club

The roles & responsibilities of the members of the Career Pathway Club are as follows:
  • To effectively communicate CDC initiatives to the students on the campus through different channels.
  • To coordinate with the resource persons for successful conduction of Career Enrichment Talk Series, Workshops and Guest Lectures.
  • To organize CDC events efficiently.
  • To coordinate with EWL & Staff members.
  • To contribute to ATL & BTL activities of CDC.
  • To provide feedforward to CDC for meeting students' set of expectations.
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