Cultural Club Event Name- BOLLYFUSION Topic- Dance Competition Date &Day- 12 December 2020, Saturday Venue- Zoom Meet Scheduled time- 2pm Time Changes, Things change but one thing has not changed, it is the song of the 90s..... Dance moves are not the most important thing for a dancer, the most important thing is song. Song which touch our soul, song which we can feel, song in which dancer forget themselves and show their best moves. The culture club of IMS Ghaziabad, university courses campus conducted Dance competition which was judged by Prof. SHENKI TYAGI and Dr. INDRANI BHATTACHARYA Our Honorable Guest Our Director Dr. Sapna Rakesh and Dr. Geeti Sharma The event was organized to provide a platform to dancers who never stop dancing in any situation. The event was organized on Saturday, 12 December 2020 on zoom platform. The event was attended by club mentor Dhruv Sharma, our honorable judge Shenki Tyagi and Dr. Indrani Bhattacharya and students. 26 participants had participated and each participant put their best foot forward to create a long lasting impression. After stiff competition the winners of the event entailed? 1st place goes to Divyanshu Singh 2nd place goes to Ragini Mishra 3rd place goes to Ayushi Singh