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Event Topic Basketball Competition
Category CLUB
Date & Day 11th February, 2021

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."
IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized sports competition on 11th February, 2020. The objective of this program is to make the students to enhance their skills in the field of Basketball. The Basketball competition was organized for IMS Students. The Matches started around 1:00 pm. Institute Director Dr. Sapna Rakesh and Faculty member like Prof. Vanchan Tripathi, Prof. Santosh Shah Prof Ashish, Prof Dhruv, Dr Shilpi Sarna  etc were present on the field. Mr. Rajendra Singh Chawla Sports Officer started the Event.
All the teams performed amazingly. It was the tough competition between Shubham’s and Utkarsh’s Team. It was the first match between them. Shubham Tomar’s and team won the match and qualified for the second round and the next match was between Sagnik’s team and Utkarsh’s team. The match was adventurous and Thrilling more over it was unpredictable.  
A great interest was observed among the students, faculties and staff members. All of them came in a large number to enjoy the sports program. The event ends around 3:00 PM with the pursuit of holistic development of future performers.

  Winner Team Members were :

  1. Shubham Tomar – BBA 3RD Year 
  2. Sarthak Gupta -   BBA 3RD Year 
  3. Amit Phagna – BSC 3RD Year
  4. Rishabh –BSC 3RD Year
  5. Aditiya Thakur-BBA 3RD Year
  6. Diwakar Bhardwaj –BCA 1ST Year
  7. Vishal Sharma-BCA 1ST Year
  8. Banty Nagar –BBA 2ND Year
  9. Anirudh Sharma- BJMC 3RD Year

Runner up Team Members were:

  1. Utkarsh – BBA 3rd Year
  2. Paritosh – BJMC 2nd Year
  3. Lucky Yadav- BBA 2nd Year
  4. Yash sharma- BJMC 1st Year 
  5. Rohit Kumar- BBA 1st Year 
  6. Vikram Singh- BCA 1st Year 
  7. Harshit Raj- BBA 1st Year 
  8. Rajat Chaudhary- BBA 3rd Year

Akshat- 1st Year