Bionics Club Activity Crack 'N’ Grab

“Public speaking is the art of diluting a two?minute idea with a two?hour vocabulary” and it takes a lot more when it comes to an extempore.

To imbibe a true spirit of learning and competition amongst students Bionics Club, organized the event ‘CRACK ‘N’ GRAB’ on 17th February 2021, an extempore with a twist, to ignite the spark of brains, boost up confidence, think out of the box and have a merry time. 

The judgment was based on the content, confidence, oratory skills and diction. It was indeed astounding to see how confidently students had put their thoughts, insights, humor and delivered the speech which was fluent, erudite and articulated while being unscripted. The winners displayed oratory skill with zeal and enthusiasm. The manner in which the students presented their thoughts and opinions was commendable and praiseworthy.