Guest Lectures


Event Topic Sayonara Seniors
Date & Day 2nd August, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


REPORT OF Sayonara Seniors!

Event Name: Sayonara Seniors!

Date & Day: 2nd August 2021 (Monday)

Guest Speaker: N/A

Designation/Organization: IMS Ghaziabad , University Courses Campus

Topic: Sayonara Seniors!

Event Timing: 4.20 PM – 5.00 PM

Number of participants: 70

Venue: Online Zoom Platform


Summary of the Event:

KreaNabo -The Buzz Communication Cell of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized Sayonara seniors! to bid adieu to (2018-21) Batch on August 2,2021 .The event began with the opening remark by Sr. Consul Shiv N Bhardwaj, iterating the purpose of the event, wherein he also expressed his gratitude towards the members of the Cell for their contribution and hard work.Post which, Mr.Kapil Garg mentioned the list of events conducted since its inception less than a year ago, from PAN-India celebrations through Elucidation 2k20 to thought provoking sessions such as the Non-Binary Show.The idea is to appreciate the efforts put in by the valuable team who are now the proud Alumni of the Institute.Mr.Shiv Bhardwaj then showcased the legionnaire certificates to be awarded to members of the cell, followed by the letters of appreciation awarded to the outgoing students.Later on Mr.Ashutosh, Praetor of the cell addressed the gathering and motivated the existing members to set up new benchmarks and surpass the level achieved by their seniors.

Prof.Yagbala Kapil & Prof.Aastha Sawhney expressed their gratitude towards everyone in the success of cell for the academic year 2020-21


The Experience Letter was given to following members of (2018-21) Batch.

  • Anushka Prakash
  • Shivi Singh
  • Ashutosh
  • Bhavtosh Upadhyay
    Shagun Choubey      
    Aditi Singh


Following the letters of appreciation, a list of masons was shared:
These are members who have had a role in laying the foundation of the cell

  • Geeti Sharma (Chairperson-BBA)
  • Yagbala Kapil(Coordinator)
  • Aastha Sawhney(Coordinator)
  • Ashutosh(Praetor)
  • Shiv N Bharadwaj(Sr.Consul)
  • Kapil Garg
  • Mitul Garg
  • Nitika Sharma
  • Vanshika Gupta
  • Soumya Rohatgi
  • Bhavtosh Upadhyay
  • Shagun Choubey
  • Shivi Singh


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