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Event Topic MINI MITIA - e-sports by IT CLUB
Category CLUB
Date & Day 23rd November, 2016

MINI MITIA - e-sports by IT CLUB

“It was bound to happen sooner or later.”
IT CLUB of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus for the very first time launches e-sports event with a huge success.
"MINI MITIA" made to crawl a heap of game-freaks to step in the WARZONE.  

The number was 105 gamers experiencing intense multiplayer combat in multiplayer mode.
Hear the whiz of bullets flying past your face as you tumble for over. Out smart the enemy and watch them explode into bloody confetti enemy with a well placed grenade.
Gamers stepped in with a believe that an epic win is possible and that it's always worth trying, and trying now.

The event was formally inaugurated by DIRECTOR IMSUC Dr.Sapna Rakesh, along with Dean Dr.Pooja Rastogi, by making them hands on the game and having a round of game between them. The IT Club appreciate the efforts of all the enthuse PARTICIPANTS.

The Club specifically thanks the mentors for the event for the hardship.

Mayur Sodhi(BCA 3rd Year)
Nitul Nagar( BCA 3rd Year)
Harish Sachan( BCA 3rd Year)
Ayush Varshney( BCA 3rd Year)
Abhishek Padhi( BCA 3rd Year)
Nitin Tomar ( BCA 3rd Year)
Kushal Upadhyay( BBA 3rd Year)
Jitender Kumar Pundir( BBA 3rd Year)
Prajjwal Deep Singh( BCA 2nd Year)
Rishab Soni( BCA 2nd Year)
Madhav Garg( BCA 2nd Year)
Pankaj Shukla( BCA 2nd Year)


The IT Club Congratulate the Trophy holders on their hard work to achieve this promotion, your efforts were completely worth it. Wishing you all luck for new capacity.  

             Winners:                                                                                Runners:
Mayur Sodhi(BCA 3rd Year)                                              Adarsh kumar Madheshiya(BBA 3rd Year)
Ayush Varshney(BCA 3rd Year)                                         Divyesh Verma(BBA 2nd Year)
Sagar Chaudhary( BCA 3rd Year)                                     Harshit Jain(BBA 2nd Year)