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Event Topic The Journal Club Meeting
Category Journal Club
Date & Day 29th March, 2022


Event Name: The Journal Club Meeting

Date & Day: 29th March 2022, Tuesday

Faculty Co-ordinator : 

Dr. Hemlata Srivastava


Designation / Organization: 

Assistant Professor, School of Biosciences, IMS Ghaziabad

Topic: “Drug Discovery”

Schedule Timing: 2.30 p.m.-4.30 p.m.

Number of Students: 20

Venue: Mini-Auditorium

Budget Approved: Yes

Total Expenditure: 1375


Summary of the Event:

School of Biosciences, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses organized a “Fourth Journal Club (JC_04)” meeting. The theme of JC-04 meeting was “Drug Discovery” has organized on 29th March 2022, Tuesday. The primary goal of this club activity was to motivate the graduation and post graduation students in the direction of scientific research. It is our endeavour to enhance the understanding of scientific literature and research papers through this club activity which is a major part of academics. 

The session started with a welcome note by the Faculty Co-ordinator, Dr. Hemlata Srivastava. Furthermore, the session executed by Dr. Surabhi Johari, the Program Chairperson, School of Biosciences by her motivational speech to the students and participants.  She highlighted the importance of Journals in the field of biosciences and promoted this club activity for understanding, reading and extracting information not only from scientific literatures but also from recent facts and reports. She encouraged the students to imbibe the habit of critical analysis. Further, the session executed by club members Janvi Sharma (President), Anjali Godiyal (Vice-President), Kanishka Jasaul (Vice- President). The session successfully presented by Aradhya Bhandari form BSc. (2nd year) Biotechnology.

In supervision of Dr. Hemlata Srivastava students of M. Sc. (1st year) Biotechnology, Nikita Arora, Jashan Joshan from B.Sc. (3rd year), Bhupender Sahu from B. Sc. (2nd year), Bhavya Sharma from B.Sc. (2nd year) have presented their research paper on theme of “Drug Discovery”. They have discussed about the recent methods such as in silico and in vitro approaches of drugs discovery against different disease such as SARS- COV, arboviral disease (Dengue, Chickungunya, and Zika virus) and cancer.


Finally, the session was further directed by Dr. Umesh Kumar who has given his critical analysis on The Journal Club Meeting and motivated the students for considering critical approaches during at the time of discussion of research methodologies. The session ended with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Hemlata Srivastava who appreciated the efforts of the students and motivated them for their involvement. The session was informative and knowledgeable that represents the inclination of the students in the way of scientific research.