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Event Topic The Journal Club Meeting
Category Journal Club
Date & Day 20th October, 2022

Event Name: The Journal Club Meeting

Date & Day:20th Oct 2022, Thursday

Co-ordinator Name: 

Dr. Hemlata Srivastava

Designation / Organization: 

Assistant Professor, School of Biosciences, IMS Ghaziabad

Topic: “Research Paper Presentation on Sustainable Development Goals ”

Schedule Timing: 02.30 a.m.-4.00 p.m.

Number of Students: 80 

Venue: Mini auditorium

Budget Approved: 1375

Total Expenditure: 1375


Summary of the Event:

The primary goal of this club activity is to motivate the students in the direction of recent scientific research and technologies. It is our endeavour to enhance the understanding of updated scientific literatures, journals and novel technologies in the field of science and technologies. In order to this, School of Biosciences, IMSUC campus has organized “Fifth Journal Club (JC_05)” meeting on 20th Oct 2022, Thursday. The theme of JC_05 meeting was “Sustainable Development Goals”.

The session was started with a motivational speech of Dr. Umesh Kumar, HOD of Research cell and further executed by Dr. Surabhi Johari, HOD of School of Biosciences of IMSUC campus.  They have highlighted the 17 interlinked global goals which are an urgent call of action for all developed and developing countries. The entire session smoothly presented by Aradhya Bhandari form BSc. (2nd year) Biotechnology and executed by club members Janvi Sharma (President), Kanishka Jasaul (Vice- President), Shreya Sharma (Secretary). 

In supervision of Dr. Hemlata Srivastava, around five students have presented their research papers from biotechnology and microbiology streams, wherein, First, Sneha Das from B.Sc. (2nd year), second, Karuna Minocha B.Sc. (2nd year), third, Janvi Sharma from B. Sc. (3rd year), fourth, Shambhavi Roy from B.Sc. (2nd year) and fifth, Satyam Bathla B. Sc. (3rd year). During the meeting, they have stated about major environmental issues such as heavy metals in soil, bio-plastics, air pollution, water or ocean pollution etc. and have discussed different agenda of 2030 for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.


The session has ended-up with a formal vote of thanks by faculty Co-ordinator Dr.  Hemlata Srivastava, who appreciated the efforts of the participants and motivated the students for their active involvement. This club activity has enlightened the awareness of the sustainable goals to our present and future generations.