The members of IMS Toastmasters Genesis Club at The IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus, participated in ?Global combined Meeting? and a special session on ?Evaluate to evaluate? by Scott Brown on 30 May 2020. The participants of the Global Combined Meeting were from India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and China. The purpose of clubbing the toastmaster fraternity from various parts of the globe was mutual learning. Various toastmasters from the UK and the USA shared their purpose of joining toastmaster fraternity which was to get guidance and improvising. According to them it takes more than the only knowing one language to be a good public speaker. Toastmaster fraternity runs on the motive of mutual growth and in the process one learns and grows. The next part of the meeting was a special session on ?Evaluate to evaluate?. Evaluation is considered an essential part of growth. In order to grow and improvise one needs to be open to suggestions. At the same time the feedback should come from somebody who is trained at giving the suggestions and at evaluating. Thus toastmasters give a unique combination of two things, one is to improve by participation and the other one is preparing them for being trained evaluators so that they can evaluate their as well as others? performances. Scott said that the evaluations should be candid and one should also know the way to communicate that. He suggested building a rapport with the person who has to receive suggestions. Both, the evaluator and the toastmaster who is getting evaluated should understand that it is the speech which is getting evaluated and not the person, so there is nothing personal in it. As there is always a scope of improvement in every speech, along with the suggestions the opportunity to boost the confidence should be availed. Evaluations are not to be confused with feedback, they are only suggestions based on observations. Scott suggested toastmasters to divide the evaluation page into four sections, one for the title of the speech, second for the good points, third for the areas of improvement and fourth should have something memorable which hit the evaluator emotionally. He also suggested avoiding using notes while evaluating and using the CRC approach. CRC approach is the sandwich approach where the commendations are given in opening evaluations speech and closing also, recommendations should be sandwiched between the commendations. In the end the evaluator should show a hope to the speaker to come back next time and conquer. The informative insights and tips shared by Scott Brown were noted by the toastmasters to apply them in their future evaluations. All the toastmasters thanked each other for sparing time and managing to arrive at one platform despite of a difference in the time zones to share beautiful and useful insights with each other.