Abraham Lincoln once said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe?, emphasizing on the importance of training before commencing to serve. It is a pleasure to share that the newly installed Executive Committee members of IMSUC Speaker's Genesis attended the Club Officer's Training Program conducted by the International Trainers at Division O on 4 July 2020. The purpose of attending the training program was to gain insights into the role and responsibility of each post of the Executive Committee with the aim to provide distinguished services to the members of the club. The newly elected Executive Committee members namely TM Rajat Kumar ? President, TM Vijay Singh ? Vice-President Education, TM Anuradha Bhardwaj ? Vice-President Membership, TM Madhav Garg - Vice-President Public Relation, TM Maanvi Kumar ? Secretary, and TM Deepa Goel ? Sergeant At Arms attended the training session together. The club officers from various clubs in District 41 were invited to one platform from where they were sent to the various breakthrough rooms divided for training the specific roles. The trainers gave insights into the roles, the challenges that might come across while working, various awards that the club can achieve and the way the mentioned roles can contribute to achieving it. It was a worthwhile opportunity to get the training from international trainers. Having exposure to such global trainings help to know the practices of other clubs across the world thus strategizing accordingly to bring improvement and newness to own club. It is a regular practice in the toastmasters to train the club officers for equipping them to enhance club quality, develop and lead successful teams and thrive in the Distinguished Club Program. All of these abilities contribute to fulfill the club mission. With the onset of the new cycle from July onwards, the torch bearers of the club, that is, the new Executive Committee has taken the office and are ready to lead by example. After this training program the newly elected Executive Committee emerged as more committed than ever before.