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Industrial Visit to Coca Cola (Moon Beverages Ltd.)

IMS, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized an industrial visit for students of BBA First year to Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Moon Beverages) in Greater Noida. The purpose of the visit was to enlighten the students of IMS about the Coca-cola industry and its production techniques. On arrival, the visit started with supreme amount of excitement and energy filled in the students where it started with their registration followed by a short introduction about the company and its history, along with this also all the students were provided with beverages from the products of company Coca-Cola. It was an unforgettable moment for the students as they saw the gigantic structure making a drink so close to their hearts.

The plant is equipped with state of the art equipments to produce wide varieties of beverages from the leading house cola producers. It was a great learning experience for students as a part of course curriculum. Students were acquainted with the manufacturing process, key components used in making cold drinks, preparation container, process, movement of bottles on conveyor belt, filling beverages in bottles and many more. At the end, the students were given a little time to capture memories and take some pictures. The visit was enjoyed by all the students where they got to learn and explore a lot about an industry.