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Industrial Visit to Coca Cola (Moon Beverages Ltd.)

T he School of Management, IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus organized an industrial visit to Moon Beverages Pvt. Ltd. The visit was comprised of 36 students from BBA-II semester, accompanied with two faculty members, viz. Prof. Aniruddha Ghosh & Ms. Aastha Sawhney. A franchise of Coca-Cola India Pvt. Ltd. at Greater Noida for the BBA Scholars students. The students were incepted by Ms. Nikita and Ms. Neha Vashistha, Marketing Managers and their team. The Coca-Cola happiness factory was a concept which was established in 1885 at Atlanta US.

The only happiness factory was established in India at Moon Beverages Pvt Ltd. The students were first shown the audio visual content regarding the history of Coca-Cola Inc. and was also effaced with relevant statistics. The students after getting iterated with the history then were transmitted to the next section where the production of carbonated drinks and fruit drinks took place. The carbonated drinks and the fruit drinks were manufactured in three phases blending, filling and packaging. The blending stage of the beverage goes through seven stages of filtration, then goes to the next process i.e., seaming, filling and then packaging. The cans of carbonated drinks were available in 180 ml, 200 ml and 300 ml packs. Sometimes, the cans were imported from Dubai and domestically procured from Pune. Then the students walked through the history of Coca-Cola bottles starting from its inception from Hutchinson style of bottle to the latest development of Aluminum contour bottle. The facilitators also demonstrated about the CSR initiatives taken up Coca-Cola in different platforms for instance, initiatives like Support My School, Project VEER, Project Unnati, Project 5by20 and the list was quite long.

Marketing Managers (Ms. Nitika & Ms. Neha) were very candid in answering the queries on quality control, procurement, supply chain and maintenance management. They also discussed the various strategies Coca-Cola adopted when the company faced with tough marketing challenges. Further iterating he also narrated that 659 lab tests confirmations are done for a single product before hitting the markets, which itself is quite humongous. The students were really lucky to achieve wisdom under serendipity, they are very thankful to the management, the Coca-Cola group as a whole for giving them a scope to learn the best of production and operations in food and beverage sector.