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A workshop on "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Agile Marketing"

A workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Agile Marketing was conducted by Department of Management on April 4 for the students of BBA IInd year. After overflowing nominations for the workshop, 50 students were shortlisted. The resource person for this knowledge confluence was Mr Satyavrat Nirala.

Mr Nirala quickly kickstarted the session into action and after a brief introduction tasked the students divided into teams of fives for an exercise to come up with a name for their startup and idea/product that it will work on. All the teams then presented their ideas to the audience. Mr. Nirala then proceeded with introducing the concept of Agile Marketing as he further challenged the teams to develop schematics for their startup idea enlaced with SWOT analysis, target audience analysis, how to create awareness about their idea; matched against Nirala's mentorship and constant suggestion framework.

Teams were introduced to the 'Agile Funneling' a marketing funnel model and applied it to their startup ideas. Campaign strategies were developed and teams presented them inviting critique from Satyavrat Nirala and the other teams.

After that, the concept of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence were introduced. Nirala explained how algorithms are developed to tackle the obstacles of big data and how effective marketing techniques are executed in the digital age, as the session was concluded.

The workshop was only a start to helping the students get comfortable with understanding the application of machine learning into modernized marketing.

Dr Geeti Sharma, Chairperson - BBA addressed the students stipulating that they stay updated with the latest happenings of these fields to stay relevant with the knowledge gained today and thanked Mr Satyavrat Nirala and Dr Kumar Saurav for making the workshop possible. Mr Nirala said that he would like to go further with the best startup ideas and engage in advance versions of this workshop. All the students were felicitated with certificates. Finally, the session culminated with edification and gaiety.