Dr. Abhishek Mishra

Core Faculty IT

Dr. Abhishek Mishra
  • Associate Professor
  • Msc (Maths), MCA
Institute of Mgmt. Studies, Ghaziabad

Department: School of IT (BCA)


13 Years.


  • Research publications in National/ International Journal
    • A Study of Various Data broadcast Model for Air Indexing on Wireless channel in
    • International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research
    • 2 To Obtain Numerical Solution of Diffusion Equation with the help of Finite Difference methods.            
    • Study of Some Useful Properties of a Matrix and its Characteristics
  • Paper presented at National/ International Conferences

 Present a paper in internal tional seminar on “digital currency issue and challenge in India”.

  • National Seminars Attended
    • Attend a seminar on Innovative practices in teaching for growing of upcoming
    • Professionals.
    • National seminar in IMS Ghaziabad on Mobile Technology & Cloud computing
    • Challenges & opportunities
  • Workshops Attended
  • Attend a Workshop on “Campus to corporate: Road ahead –career opportunities in post coved era”
  • A Workshop attended on ISO-9001-2015 & certified as an internal Auditor of ISO.9001.
  • FDP Organized/ Attended
  • Attend Faculty development program on “Data Science and Machine Learning using Python”
  • Attend Faculty development program on “Role of Basic Sciences in Emerging Technologies”
  • Attend a faculty development program on “Research Methodology Tools and Technologies.
  • Attend one week faculty development program on “Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and challenges”
  • Attend three days faculty development program on “Benefit and challenges of using micro services and big data paradigm”
  • Attend a faculty development program on “Emerging Trends in Electronics and Communication for IOT Application”

Areas of Interest

Mathematics, Optimization Technique