Dr. Gagan Varshney

Core Faculty IT

Dr. Gagan Varshney
  • Professor & Head - Department of Computer Science
  • Ph.D., M.Tech.,M.C.A
Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

Department: Information Technology


25 years



Dr. Gagan Varshney is working as Professor & Chairperson at IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus . He has an experience of more than two decades in the field of Academics and Administration at various levels. He did his PhD from Gurukul Kangri University, Hardwar, M.Tech from UttraKhand Technical University, Dehradun and MCA from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. He taught various subjects like Python, Oracle,E-commerce, C, OS ,SE are some of them.. His area of interest is Python , Oracle, E-commerce

Awards & Honors

1. Academic Pride Award 2017.
2. 100% Proficiency Award more than 10 Times in COER, Roorkee & in IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad.
3. Certificate of Achievement in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Online Quiz.
4. Currently associated with Bharat Vikas Mission, Ghaziabad as a Senior Career Advisor.
5. Senior Member (SMICEIT) Institute of Communication Engineers and Information Technologists (ICEIT) membership number is SM1200390A.
6. Certified Internal Auditor STQC ISO, Government of India Center for Electronics Test Engineering.
7. Membership of Computer Society of India(CSI). 8. Letter of Appreciation: IQAC Member 2022. 9. Kalam Ke Sipahi Award 2021.

Areas of Interest

1. Python
2. Database (Oracle)
3. E-commerce

Articles contributed

Book Authored

1) “E-Business” for Sambalpur University Odisha, Vikas Publication.
2) “E-commerce and General Informatics” for Mahatma Gandhi University Kerala, Vikas Publication.
3) “E-commerce Technology” for Hiltron CALC Department of Information Technology, Government of Uttarakhand, Vikas Publications.
4) “E-Commerce and its applications”, Vikas Publication.
5) “Database Management System”, Global Publication.
6) “Management Information System”, Global Publication.
7) “Computer Dictionary”, Global Publication.

Book Edited

Research publications in National Journal:

i) Gagan Varshney (2020), Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites based customer preferences, their characteristics and influence on customer’s awareness, Vivechan International Journal of Research, Vol 11, Issue 1, 2020 ISSN No: 0976-8211,pp. 31-40.
ii) Gagan Varshney (2012). M-commerce Based 2-G and 3-G Personalized Services for Users: Empirical Study, Global Journal of Business Management, Volume 6, Number 1, pp 21- 27.
iii) Gagan Varshney(2010). A Study of functionality dilemma and barriers to optimal usage of M-commerce. Journal of Cooperation among University, Research and Industrial Enterprises (CURIE), Volume 3, Number 1, pp.60 – 73.
iv) Gagan Varshney (2009). Attraction of Personalized Service for Users & Mobile Commerce in India: An Empirical Study. IMSECIJR Journal, Volume 1, Number 1, pp.
v) Gagan Varshney (2009). Service Category based consumer preference for the usage of Computer vs Mobile in E-Business. Knowledge Hub Journal, Volume 5, Number 2, pp. 97-103.
vi) Gagan Varshney (2005). Technological Changes & Innovations from E – Commerce to M – Commerce: Fire of wireless technology. Gurukul Business Review Journal, ISSN: 0973-9262, Volume 1, pp. 107-111.
vii) Gagan Varshney (2007). Service Category based consumer preferences of E-commerce and M-commerce features and their impact on customer attractiveness. IMS Journal, Volume 1, Number 1, pp. 62-69.
viii) K.N.S. Kang (2004). From E- Commerce to M – Commerce”, Modern Business Environment, Changes & Innovations, pp.226.
ix) Gagan Varshney (2004). E-commerce versus M-commerce. Proceedings of National Conference on Information Technology, Operation Research & Computing, pp. 60-68. x) Gagan Varshney(2020), Effective Application of Coracle Cloud Microservices Uses in Health Data Analytics, Mody University International Journal of Computing and Engineering Research Volume 4 Issue 1, 2020,15-19( https://www.modyuniversity.ac.in/set/muijcer/papers/vol4issue1_3.pdf).

Research publications in International Journal:

1. Gagan Varshney (2011). M-commerce Based Personalized Service for Users in India: A Factual Study, VIVECHAN International Journal of Research, Volume 2, pp. 81-88.
2. Gagan Varshney (2009). The Study of Existing Usability Problems and Perceived Slow Uptake of M-Commerce in India. International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics, Volume 1, Number 2, pp. 99-112.

Paper presented in International Conferences:

1. Gagan Varshney (2019), Mobile-Commerce (M-commerce) based personalized services for consumers in INDIA: Pragmatic Study, National Conference on Information Technology for Business Transformation-2019. 8-9 Nov, 2019 at AKGEC, Ghaziabad (UP).
2. Gagan Varshney (2009). M-commerce Versus E-commerce: Service Usages & its Comparisons in India. Proceedings of National Conference on ACST.
3. Gagan Varshney (2006) “M-commerce: A winning proposition for Indian Incorporation”, Proceeding of National Conference on Building Management Competencies in Indian Business: Then Now and Beyond, pp. 10-23.
4. Gagan Varshney (2022) Python: Fastest Emerging Language for Data Analysis & Visualization

MDP Organized:

FDP Organized:

Basics of DevOps, IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus, 28-29 Dec,2020.

National Seminars Attended:

International Seminars Attended:

Workshops Attended:

i) Advanced Excel with Data Visualization, IIT Kanpur (Online Platform), 27 -31 July,2020.
ii) Opportunities & Challenges of software Industry in Current Scenario,IPEM Ghaziabad,22 June,2020.
iv) Data Science using Python, IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus, 2 June, 2020.
v) Machine Learning & Research Opportunities, Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bengaluru, 15-19 May,2020.
vi) Digital Learning with Multidisciplinary Approaches (DLMA), JSS Noida,12-17 June,2020.
vii) Qualitative Research, Blogs Writing and Neuro Science in outbreak of COVID-19, JSS Noida, 20-22 May,2020.
viii) Blockchain Technology- Opportunities and Challenges, Auro University, 19th May,2020.
ix) Roads for social connectivity, ITR Roorkee, 21st June,2020.
x) Contribution of youth in creating Self-Reliant INDIA, ITR Roorkee, 28th June, 2020.
xi) Global Pandemic Outbreak:Role of Technology & Automation(GPORTA), JSS Noida, 1-5th June,2020.
xii) Conference on A.I. Machine Learning, C# Conference 2019,Delhi, 20th April,2019.
xiii) Seminar on Cloud Computing, Wizard InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad, 16th Jan, 2014.
xiv) Seminar on Webinar Database, Wizard InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad, 17th Jan, 2014.
xv) ACST-2009, IMSEC Ghaziabad, 7th & 8th Feb, 2009.
xvi) Intelligent Leadership for Building Competitive India, 20th National Convention & SME Exhibition ALT Centre, Ghaziabad, 14th & 15th Nov, 2008.
xvii) Technologies and Trends in Advanced Computing, IDEAL Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, 2nd May, 2008.
xviii) e-Security Education through e-Learning, e-learn ‘2007’, CDAC, Noida, 14th Dec, 2007.
xix) Emerging Trends In ICT Enabled Services , PIMT, Ludhiana ,26th Oct, 2006.
xx) Effective Teaching and Management Skills, COER Roorkee, 10th – 13th July, 2006.
xxi) International workshop on Business Models & Global Practices, COER Roorkee, 3rd Jan to 5th Jan, 2006.
xxii) Building Management Competencies in Indian Business: Then, Now & Beyond,GKU Hardwar, 20th to 21st Jan, 2006.
xxiii) Workshop on Resources Assessment & Scope of Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development in Uttarakhand, COER Roorkee, 13th Jan, 2006.
xxiv) Workshop on Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML and Fundamental of Rose, COER Roorkee, 14th to 15th August, 2004.
xxv) National Conference on Managing Challenges of Change & Innovation in India Business, PCTE, Ludhiana, 19th March, 2004.
xxvi) Information Technology, Operation Research & Computing, DDC, Agra, 10th to 12 April, 2004. xxvii) Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning, IPEM, Ghaziabad, 31 July, 2022.

Workshops Conducted:

FDP Attended:

i) Emerging Trends in Electronics & Communication for IoT Applications,IMSEC Ghaziabad, 4- 8 July,2022.
ii) Recent Trends in Cyber Security& Machine Intelligence, IPEC Ghaziabad, 31 Jan-4 Feb, 2022.
iii) Research Methodology: Tools & Techniques, IMSUC Ghaziabad, 14-18 FEB, 2022.
iv) IoT & Machine Learning, IPEC Ghaziabad, 5-10 April, 2021.

MDP Attended:

National Seminar Conducted:

Post Covid-19: Emerging Trends in Information Technology and Computer Applications, IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus, 27th Feb, 2021.
Organized National Seminar on “Application of Data Science in E-Governance” on 18th Feb, 2022.