Dr. Meenakshi Raina

Core Faculty Bio

Dr. Meenakshi Raina
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D
Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

Department: Molecular Biology, Plant Stress Biology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Breeding


5 years


Dr. Meenakshi has completed her PhD in Biotechnology from Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology-Jammu. She has worked on “Introgression of Xa21, xa13 and sd1 gene in Ranbir Basmati using Marker Assisted Backcross Breeding”. She has published several research papers in Journal of International as well as national repute. She has been awarded SIVB travel award by Society for In vitro Biology, USA and several other awards for presenting her research work in National and International conferences in India. Formerly, she has worked as Lecturer, Government Degree College (Boys) Udhampur. She has also worked at Central University of Jammu from 2017-2020. Her area of interest includes Molecular Biology, Plant Stress Biology, Molecular Breeding, Genetic Engineering

Areas of Interest

  • 1. Young researcher Award (2020) by Institute of Scholars (InSc), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • 2. Young Scientist Award (Botany) (2019) by Society for Plant Research (SPR) and Springer, India.
  • 3. "IPSC Sponsored Student Award" (2019) at Indian Plant Science Congress organized by SRM Institute of Science and Technology from January 23 - 25, 2019, Tamilnadu, India.
  • 4. "Young Scientist Award" (2018) at National Conference on Recent Development in Plant Stress Biology: Translating Laboratory Research to Human Welfare (RDPSB2018) organized by Department of Botany, Central University of Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India.
  • 5. "Best Researcher Award" (2018) by Royal Association for Science-Led Socio-Cultural Advancement (RASSA) at the National Seminar on "Smart Technologies to Boost Farm Profitability and Socio-Economic Status of Rural India" organized ay SKUAST-Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India.
  • 6. "Best Oral presentation Award" (2018) at the National Seminar on "Smart Technologies to Boost Farm Profitability and Socio-Economic Status of Rural India" organized ay SKUAST-Jammu, J&K, India.
  • 7. "SIVB Travel award" (2018) by Society for In Vitro Biology, for an Excellent Student presentation at "2018 In Vitro Biology Meeting" from June 2-6, St. Louis, USA.
  • 8. "Best Thesis Award" (2018) by Society for Integrated Development of Agriculture, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences (SIDAVES), at National Conference on Innovative Technological Interventions for Doubling Farmers Income, SKUAST-Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India.
  • 9. "Best Poster Award" (2018) for Technological Innovations in Agriculture at National Conference on Innovative Technological Interventions for doubling Farmers Income (NaCITI-2018 from 08-10 Feb 2018 at SKUAST-Jammu.
  • 10."IIIrd prize for Best Oral presentation" (2018) at International Conference on "Advances in Biosciences and Biotechnology (ICABB-2018)" organized by Department of Biotechnology, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, India.

Research publications in National Journal:

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