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news Topic Report of Alumni Talk
Date & Day 13th February, 2024

Event Name: Alumni Talk

Date/Day: 13th Feb, 2024/Tuesday

Guest Name: Mr. Abhishek Singh

Designation/Organization: General Manager, Yakult.

Topic: "Leadership: Checklist of what matters, Setting Priorities" 

Scheduled Timing: 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Number of Participants: BBA Batch 2022-2025

Venue: Main Auditorium

Organize By: Department of Management

Summary of the event- 

Mr. Abhishek Singh, a Chief Manager at Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd., delivered an informative session titled "Leadership: Checklist of What Matters, Setting Priorities." He emphasized the importance of prioritization for effective leadership and achieving goals.

Prioritization Fundamentals:

•⁠ Sir highlighted the challenges leaders face in today's demanding environment, emphasizing the need for effective prioritization to manage competing demands and limited time.

•⁠ ⁠The session went beyond theory, offering practical tips on creating and utilizing checklists for clarity, focus and accountability in daily tasks.

SWOT Analysis and Hay System:

•⁠ ⁠To empower participants, Mr. Singh led an interactive SWOT analysis exercise, identifying individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) for self-awareness and understanding how to shape priorities.

•⁠ ⁠He then introduced the Hay system, a structured approach to prioritizing tasks based on impact and complexity, enabling effective task categorization and delegation for optimal resource utilization.

Focus on HR and Yakult:

•⁠ ⁠Mr. Singh specifically addressed challenges and opportunities in the Human Resources (HR) field, discussing its crucial role in leadership development, talent management and fostering positive work environments.

He shared insights from his experience at Yakult Danone, regarding their approach to leadership, prioritization and employee well-being, providing real-world context to the discussed concepts.

Ongoing Prioritization:

•⁠ Mr. Singh concluded by reiterating the importance of continuous prioritization, as priorities are dynamic and require reevaluation based on changing circumstances and progress.

•⁠ He encouraged participants to develop a habit of regular review and adjustment, ensuring their priorities remain aligned with their goals and values.

To sum up, the management guest speaker offered insightful statistics approximately growing a checklist of essentials and priorities for efficient leadership. The attendees received an improved comprehension of fundamental management traits and pragmatic strategies to enhance their efficaciousness as leaders. With realistic steering for promoting organizational fulfillment, the communicate turned into an invaluable device for both seasoned and aspirational executives.

Learning Outcomes:

Mr. Singh's session provided valuable knowledge and techniques for effective prioritization in leadership, empowering participants to achieve their goals.

1) Recognize how critical it's far for the organization to have a distinct vision and project.

2) Acknowledge how values affect the subculture of a employer.

3) Have fantastic communication competencies to explicit thoughts and expectancies.

4) Recognize a way to strike a stability between hasty movements and cautious consideration.

5) Keep up with quality practices and industry traits.

6) Gain expertise in developing a cohesive, stimulated, and cooperative group environment

Dr. Shruti Sharma


Event Pics:

Pic1: Mr. Abhishek Singh, General Manager, Yakult sharing the insights with BBA Batch 2022-2025 students in IMS GHAZIABAD University Courses Campus Auditorium.

Pic 2: BBA Batch 2022-2025 students attending the Alumni Talk session

Pic:3 A token of Gratitude is given to Alumni Mr. Abhishek Singh on 13th Feb 2024 at IMS GHAZIABAD University Courses Campus Auditorium