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news Topic Report of Hackathon-2K24
Date & Day 18th April, 2024

Event Name: Hackathon-2K24

Date/Day: 18th April 2024

Guest Name: Dr Balakrishnan Athiyaman


Senior Scientist  from National Centre for medium range weather forecasting Ministry of Earth and Sciences

Topic: Inter Institutional technical Fest

Scheduled Timing: 10:00 AM Onwards

Number of Students: 400 +

Venue: IMSUC Auditorium 

Budget Approved: Yes


Hackthon-2K23 An Annual Inter-Institute Technical Fest in association with EICT-IIT Kanpur, ICT Academy, Eduskills  has witnessed a jam-packed computer-buffoons to compete, starve and excel from others. More than 400 students had registered from 27 schools and colleges from Delhi-NCR region namely Sharda University, Galgotia University, KEC, KIET Group of Institute ABESEC,Mangalmay Institute, Ryan International School, Ingraham Institute, Delhi University, Ingrahm Institute and many more premier institutes participated in Hackathon 2K24. 

The event was formally inaugurated with the motivating words of Director Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (IMS University Courses Campus) , Ghaziabad . The Guest of Honour for the event was Dr Balakrishnan    Athiyaman, from  National Centre for medium range weather forecasting Ministry of Earth and Sciences had motivated the students to participate in such events to enhance their technical skills he also emphasized on planning that if you decide something and if you have strong determination nothing is impossible.

 HACKATHON-2K24 is specifically intended for students to test their knowledge and skills by participating in various IT events which not only provide academic excellence but also helps in redefining their personality. There were 5 events   WEB-A-THON : An event where the team of two student has to develop the dynamic website. Blind Coding : Participants has to write the code by turning off the monitor and execute the code. The code with minimum number of errors and with minimum time to execute the code was the winner. This event had been passed through 2 rounds. Breach the Firewall : Participants has to showcase their skill to crack or near the task assigned to them. Squad of IoT: Participant has to showcase their knowledge related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Automation sensors, and Actuators, among other devices to develop the application that can be useful for the society and last is LAN gaming is which students will play in both modes online and offline there were 2 games in competition BGMI and COD.

The event was concluded with the valedictory session in which Dr.Arun Kumar Singh Director IMSUC along with HOD Computer sciences along with Faculty coordinators of the faculty coordinators presented the trophies and prize money and congratulated them on their victory.

The winners had received the trophy, certificate and cash prizes (I prize- 3000, II Prize – 2000, III Prize  - 1000) The winners of the events were 

List of Winners Event wise-

Blind Coding: Ist Position- Raghav Srivastava (RIS Ghaziabad), IInd Position -Saksham Garg (RIS college Ghaziabad) and IIIrd position- Saksham Gahlot (ABSEC)

Breach the Firewall: Ist Poition Amit Kumar-NFSU,IInd Position-Anas Khan (AKGEC) IIIrd position-Lakshya Sharma(AKGEC)

Web-A-Thon : Ist position- Ishank and priyanshi Chakraborty from (ABESEC),IInd Position-Abhiban Vaishnav and Aprna Singh (ABESEC) and IIIrd position-Sahik Kumar and Prathmesh Shah from( Hi-Tech)

Squad of IOT: Ist position- (Rescue Tech)Utkarsh Kumar & Vansh Jain(ABES), IInd Position-(Pathhole Scanner) Alok,Saksham Gungun & Piyush from IMSUC,IIIrd Position-Biswajeet Ray(IMSUC),Md.Natiq Khan &Shivam Kumar Singh From (NFSU)

IT Gaming:

Winners of BGMI-

Ist position- Yash Raj Jain ,Love Chaudhary,Karan and Saksham Fron GIOT.IInd Position-Deepanshu Rohilla Tanmay,Akash and Aman from ABESIT,IIIrd Position-Vaibhav Patval,Aryan Rajkot,Aniket Verma Om Kumar From BOSCO.

Winners of COD

All 3 winners were online from online gaming community.

All the participants were full of enthusiasm to participate and expecting more such events should be organized in future by IMSU

 \ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)InaugralPhotos\_MG_8250.JPG\ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)InaugralPhotos\_MG_8305.JPG

\ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)Blind CodingPhotosIMG_7388.JPG\ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)Squad of IOTPhotosIMG_7531.JPG

\ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)Web-A-ThonPhotos\_MG_8370.JPG\ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)IT GamingPhotosDSC_3313.JPG

\ pic2024 - EVENT2024 - Hackathon (18.04.2024)ValidectoryPhotos\_MG_8503.JPG

(Glimpses of Hack-a-Thon 2k24)

Valuable feedbacks given by the external participants