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news Topic Staff Development Programme
Date & Day 4th May, 2024

Event Name: Staff Development Programme

Date/Day: 4th May 2024

Resourse Persons: Dr.Deepa Goel /Prof.Jasmine Kaur/Prof.Rashmi Singh/Prof.Swati Tyagi


Career Development Centre IMSUC

Topic:  "Positive Communication at Workplace"

Scheduled Timing: 10:30-12:00/3:00-4:30

Number of Participants:25

Venue: IMSUC  MDP Room

 Summary of the Event-

The CDC department recently orchestrated a comprehensive staff development initiative centered on fostering positive communication within the workplace. The program aimed to underscore the critical importance of effective communication in professional settings, highlighting its role in facilitating collaboration, enhancing productivity, and cultivating a positive organizational culture. 

Integral to the program was an examination of the distinction between response and reaction in communication scenarios. Participants were guided through practical strategies for cultivating thoughtful responses over instinctual reactions, emphasizing the significance of maintaining composure and professionalism in challenging interactions. Moreover, the session underscored the value of active listening as a cornerstone of effective communication, encouraging attendees to hone their ability to attentively engage with others' perspectives and experiences.

Central to the discourse was the cultivation of empathy as a foundational principle for fostering meaningful connections and understanding in workplace interactions. Through interactive role-playing exercises and engaging games, participants were afforded opportunities to apply theoretical concepts in simulated scenarios, thereby reinforcing learning outcomes and honing practical communication skills. 

Learning Objective:

Objectives were to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to cultivate a culture of positive communication within their respective professional environments. By fostering a deeper appreciation for the nuances of communication and providing practical tools for enhancing interpersonal interactions, the program aimed to empower participants to contribute to a more collaborative, inclusive, and harmonious workplace environment

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(Staff of IMSUC during the Staff Development Programme)

(Staff of IMSUC during the Staff Development Programme)

    (Staff of IMSUC during the Staff Development Programme – Batch 1)

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(Staff of IMSUC during the Staff Development Programme – Batch 2)