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news Topic International Yoga Day Celebration
Date & Day 21st June, 2024

Event Name: International Yoga Day Celebration

Date/Day: 21 June 2024/ Friday

Guest Name: Dr. Deepa Goel


HOD Career Development Centre IMSUC, YCB1 Certified Yoga Instructor

Topic: Yoga Session

Scheduled Timing: 10:00 am onwards

Number of Participants : 65 +

Venue: Atrium, IMSUC

Organized By: CDC Department

Summary of the Event-

Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self” --- Patanjali

International Yoga Day was celebrated by IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus on 21 June 2024 by organizing a special yoga session. This special yoga session was organized to embrace and honour the timeless practice of yoga that has its origin in ancient India and has continuous positive impact on lives around the world. The event started by seeking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Dr. Deepa Goel, a YCB1 Certified Yoga instructor and HOD CDC, led the yoga session. Participants were first guided through a warm up session followed by basic asanas. Participants later underwent a guided meditation session. The yoga session ended with the closing remarks of the Director of IMS, Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus, Dr. Arun Kumar Singh. Dr. Arun Kumar Singh re-emphasized the need for incorporating yoga and meditation in our daily life and urged everyone to reestablish connection with ourselves and requested participants to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits through yoga. This was followed by light refreshment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants gained improved flexibility, strength, and overall physical health through various yoga poses and exercises

    • Attendees experienced enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress, and better emotional regulation through mindfulness and breathing techniques .

  • Participants developed a deeper connection with their inner self, fostering spiritual growth and self-awareness.

  • The session equipped participants with tools to manage and reduce stress, contributing to overall well-being

  • Engaging in group yoga sessions fostered a sense of community and promoted peace and harmony on a broader scale

    • Participants were prepared for incorporating yoga into their daily routine, establishing a foundation for ongoing practice

Pictures of International Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga Session @ Atrium

Dr. Deepa Goel conducting Yoga Session

Participants attending Yoga session@ Atrium