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news Topic Report of Media Visit to Doordarshan News
Date & Day 29th February, 2024

Event Name: Media Visit to Doordarshan for program ( Do Took)

Date & Day: 29th February, 2024, Monday 

Guest Name: Mr. RP Singh, Mr. Nikhil Jain, Mr. Vishnu Pathak, Mr. Munish Rai, Mr. Leelu Ranjan


  • BJP candidate

  • AAP candidate

  • Congress Candidate

    • Member, liberal party 

    • Senior Journalist

Topic: Unnatural alliance between parties

Schedule Timing: 04:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Number of participants: 36

Venue: DD News

Organized By:Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Summary of the event- 

On February 29, 2024, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a media visit to DD News under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Nigam. More than 35 students of first and second year of journalism with faculty Prof. Punam Kumari went to the visit and participated actively. The program (दो-टूक ,Do Took) was presented by anchor  Mr. Ashok Srivastava introducing and briefing the audience with the topic “Unnatural alliance between parties” . after the briefing was done, the guest speakers were introduced which are as follows:

Mr. RP Singh (National speaker,BJP)

Mr. Nikhil Jain (Speaker , Congress)

Mr. Vishnu Pathak (Speaker, AAP)

Mr. Munish Rai (Member, liberal party)

Mr. Leelu Ranjan (Senior Journalist)

In the starting of the event, all the guests have given their views over the alliance between AAP and Congress. 

The speakers were also answered the various questions by the audience related to unnatural alliance, current scenario of parties and its members doing so, consequences of Unnatural/ unholy alliance, future of this alliance and seat distribution within them

Learning Outcome:

In conclusion, the students of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication got a good exposure to how media shows are conducted and many students also asked questions which created an attentive mindset and confidence in them. Through engaging discussions with the speakers the students gained a deeper understanding of the events that are happening in the current scenario in Indian politics. Fact checking and seeing all the parameters equally in politics and journalism are both necessary.  

Name & Sign of Faculty

Ms. Punam Kumari